April 8, 2020

Triple Your Nexus 6P’s Longevity With ZeroLemon 8,500 mAh Battery Case!

Smartphone cases are cool. They add a whole new look to your smartphone. Some cases are made just for design while some for protection. Well, recently a new type of cases are becoming popular – THE BATTERY CASES. The name says it all! These smartphone cases come with a battery inside them so that you can attach them to your smartphone whenever you need some extra juice. These unique cases have the capability to double or even triple the battery life of your device! And well, today we are with the same type of case that has been made for the Nexus 6P. ZeroLemon, a company popular for its battery cases has today launched the  massive 8,500 mAh battery case for the 6P! :o

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Amazingly, the size of the battery that this case has is more than double than the battery in Nexus 6P itself. This means you will be able to nearly triple the battery capacity of your Nexus 6P. More interesting thing is the price. The ZeroLemon 8,500 case for Nexus 6P is going to be available  through Amazon from 15th July at a special introductory price of $59.99. :-)



If you’re thinking that this is just a simple battery case then you are wrong! This ZeroLemon case comes with a Tri-cell battery design. This design helps to stack big battery inside a case having considerable bulk and heft. The case is a Power Bank in itself also! So, you can also charge other smartphones using this case. The whole case is not too thick ( also not too slim) at 20.85mm. So, you have to manage this big case on big Nexus 6P.
So, what you think? Is it is good stuff for Nexus 6P? Do let us know via comments section :D

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