Here is Why Xiaomi Phones aren’t Waterproof!

Xiaomi, the Apple of the east has launched every device with the features that companies like Samsung and Apple have on their phones. But there is one feature that we are yet to see in any Xiaomi device! We still haven’t seen a Waterproof device from Xiaomi. Almost every big smartphone manufacturer has released its Waterproof Phones like Samsung, Motorola, Sony etc. But why not Xiaomi? Well, you will find the answer to this question in this article :D



Waterproof Phones

Samsung started offering the Waterproof feature in its devices from Samsung S5 , Sony from the Z lineup and similarly Motorola and HT have already launched the Waterproof devices. Now, Xiaomi is the company who has never launched Waterproof devices yet. We are yet to see this feature in Mi device. Well, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi finally revealed the secret. He explained why they’re not making Waterproof devices-

First reason is that, if they sometime in future make any Waterproof device then there are many chances of damage. A little damage to the phone can cause the whole Waterproof capability to deteriorate.

Next is the pricing. Adding the waterproof feature will eventually result in the increase in the cost of Xiaomi devices! (Wait What? Expensive Xiaomi Devices! What are those?). “But, if users are willing to pay 20-30% extra cost to get this waterproof feature then the company will decide manufacturer waterproof devices”, said Leil!

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Here is what Lei said-

after the phone broke, water resistance is reduced. And a waterproof phone costs to be much higher, if we can accept up two to three percent of the cost, we can also consider doing

So, until the feature comes, make sure you keep your phone away from the rain :D What do you think? Should Xiaomi manufacture Waterproof phones? Do let us know in the comments section :)

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