The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 does not look anything like the official photos

The Verge has been able to take the glove to Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and make a photograph. After seeing them we have been disappointed: why does it change so much with respect to official images? The reality is not always as we imagine it, that is what happens after seeing the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 in the first photos that are not rendered. How much you lose …

It happens more often: mobile phones that seem to be sculpted in pure wonder when you see them through the press photos and then they are something totally different when we finally have them in the hands. It is true that doing a render involves maintaining some control over the lighting and the angles, but what has happened with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is for the company to make it look: natural to cheat.

The Verge has already been able to test the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, last representative of the fashion of the smartphones without marks. It is a mobile that has its appeal and that bet by the risky design but maintains more of a difference with respect to the press renders. Come on, it almost looks like an egg to a chestnut, judges it yourself.

Ahead is an LG G6; behind an original Mi Mix

We do not want to say that the design of Philippe Stark is not polished and that it escapes of the good taste, but to call the Xiaomi My Mix 2 mobile “without marks” seems to us too risky. As you can see in the images of The Verge the mobile looks like the LG G6 if we look at it from the front and with the screen on. Even the curvature of the panel along with its 18: 9 ratio become too similar.

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The frames are thicker than those already had the original Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. In hand, it feels comfortable and much more content, two details that, personally, I appreciate the new model. And the ceramic back finish has fewer reflections, at least according to what the actual photos look like. Nothing to object if Xiaomi had promoted the mobile like that, which has not happened.

It is putting face to face the press render and the image of The Verge when we appreciate the notorious differences between one and another photo. They almost seem different mobile, something that should not happen. Because, with how complicated it will be to import a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, the first buyers could be disappointed with the design. Surely not in terms of performance or price: this new creation of Xiaomi aims at the high end.

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