Opening a site isn’t a problem after all but being consistent is something which needs full dedication and lot of time. Also good content is must! And if you are alone working then yeah it’s going to take a lot of time. As your site has just started and you don’t have any money to invest for authors/writer who would write for you.

But you don’t have money, and even Fiverr won’t provide any free ones. You got many friends, but they all are just going to write for a few days and even write something you don’t need on your blog. Now you would search for some professional who would cost around more than you invested in the blog. So, now what to do? I have a site you are familiar with and will help you find some writers who won’t ask for money.

Facebook! Yeah, its Facebook where you will find some good blog writers.
Just go to some blogging facebook group and post a request saying “ Hey! I just have started a new blog . And the topic is I hope you would like it. And also, we are searching for some writers. Hope many would like to write in blogs” Then MAYBE some would reply but post on just one blog won’t help at all, so you need to post that in many groups and it’s best if the Facebook group is new.


2] How To get ideas for your blog content?

During my blogging period or my startup, it was easy to find content and to write about stuff by going to people’s blog and searching for their new content.Then writing something similar to that, but I never realized that as a blogger I was going to their site for news and leaks to write content on my blog. Where I wished people would read my blog post but if I, myself is reading their post cause its new, and no one else has why will the public come to my blog and not go to theirs. For Eg: – You went to a shopkeeper who sells things from another shopkeeper which you know then the second time why will you go to his shop rather than going to the store where he goes and buys. So, in short I was doing copywriting and probably you are too doing this! But it not wrong if you copy and write in your blog in your words. But it is better to create content than to copy-paste it. Cause if you create something you are probably the only person on the whole internet to make it because you made it and there is no chance of being a copy cat or else and if you created people like the content then it’s even better to continue. “You can’t

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create news but you can bring the news to limelight first!” That’s what you have to do. To do that you need to find the sources or roots from where big bloggers get news. When I was blogging tech, I found most of the content on GSMARENA.com, which is quite famous and also its a good site for news and leaks in the tech section. One day I read a post in detail and found a small word called “via” at the end of the post and also after that word “source.” Now these words had links linking to them to some sites. I went there and then there also was the same situation of a word linking to some site which looked like a forum which was in Chinese. Now this means that the site that was linking the Chinese site was not copy writing they were finding the news, and then I realized that “Though One can’t make news one can find it first.”

Hope this post helped you if you think that this was necessary, comment below whether you liked it or not and also, mention your techniques to find authors and content.

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