Windows 10: Why You Should Upgrade to It

When Windows 10 was launched, consumers thought it would just be an upgraded version of Windows 8 with nothing new on the table. Furthermore, concerns about whether it is stable were mounting, considering the success of Windows XP. However, how much do you know about this operating system?

Windows 10 brings out many brilliant features and here are ten reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10.

  1. Speed

No previous OS has had the pleasure to beat Windows 10 at the game of speedy boot-up and more. Gamers choose windows 10 due to its speed and integration with DirectX 12.

  1. Start Menu

With elements from Modern UI, Windows 10 new start-up menu is a big step up from Windows 8/8.1 users.

  1. Cortana

Am sure gamers already know what I’m talking about. Cortana is a character in the X-Box game franchise Halo™. Cortana coming to PC feels exhilarating as you can interact and communicate with this AI. This is a broad step into the future where you have an interactive and responsive technology that reminds you and offers suggestions on your device.

  1. Modern Browser

Gone are the days of crying uncle over Internet Explorer, Windows 10 comes with a new and improved browser, Microsoft Edge that has better compatibility with add-ons and other features and additionally, its browsing speed is improved making it a truly modern browser.

  1. Security

Windows 10 Secure boot features come with improved security with Microsoft Passport and Windows hello.

  1. User Experience

The user experience in Windows 10 is made simpler with the snapping feature where you can have four screens open simultaneously over your single screen, and you can manipulate them in real-time.

  1. Windows Store
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Lastly, Windows 10 users can easily access apps from the store via the Universal Windows feature, an improvement over the previous versions.

Problems with Upgrading to Windows 10

Just like every other OS developed, Windows 10 has its fair share of disadvantages that rock its complete incorporation in our computers.

  • Less Storage

Windows 10 size after installation is huge, gobbling up most of the disk space, this can be disadvantageous if you have a low capacity hard drive or you rely on your hard drive to store your data. Users are forced to upgrade to more storage space or buy an external hard drive, an expense that wasn’t prepared for.

  • Privacy

The new features that come with Windows 10 will often require access to your information making you vulnerable.

  • No Downgrade

A feature that was available in other previous OS, when you upgrade to Windows 10 there is no going back, the only way would be to format your machine, an unthinkable option.

Other problems will also occur without any signals, i.e., system update issues, and data loss or missing file during the upgrade process.

Are you willing to let this happen to your computer?

Well, upgrading isn’t entirely all that bad considering the features outlined above. However, it is critical that you leave enough space for the update and create a system and data backup first to guarantee a smooth transition to without loss of data. If you lose the data inadvertently, try to use this recovery software to restore data. You can perform hard drive recovery using the EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free.

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