April 3, 2020

Top 5 WiFi Hacking Apps for Android in 2019 [WORKING]

Today’s world runs on wireless networks, long past have those days gone when household computer systems depended upon wired ethernet connection for accessing the internet.

You can an establish a wireless internet connection on most electronic devices including your smartwatches to the modern air conditioners and refrigerators. For the purpose of monitoring and hacking a WiFi network from a smartphone device, there are also too many WiFi hack apps for android available that you can use to hack any wifi network.

Ethical Hacking on Android?

One of the toughest programming jobs of today is ethical hacking but for ethical hackers, it is very easy to hack into any computer system and modify, delete or copy data. The WiFi hack apps android allow you to hack a WiFi connection with just the basic knowledge of hacking, computer and mobile technology.

Let us begin our list of the best WiFi hacking android apps that are available online.

5 Best Wifi Hack Apps Android 2019

Ethical hacking is way much different from a teenager or a man in his mid-twenties hacking someone else’s computer system from his sofa just for fun. Hacking other people’s devices is an illegal activity unless you are an ethical hacker who is just fulfilling your duty.

Hence, by any means, we do not support any individual hacking into anyone’s WiFi network. The information provided below is just for the purpose of providing knowledge to the tech geeks.

#1 Aircrack-ng

Aircrack-ng is developed by Android developers at XDA and is the best and most reliable WiFi hacking app for Android. As this application is based on Linux Kernal, it is also available on the Ubuntu operating system platform.

The Aircrack-ng application is an application that keeps you covered while you are hacking into a WiFi system or just testing network penetration. Installing and running Aircrack-ng WiFi hack app android on your smartphone is not a tough task but a common problem that many users face which using Aircrack-ng is finding a Wi-Fi chipset with a monitor mode.

#2 Zanti

Zanti is a WiFi hacking software developed by Zimperium which is a mobile security company that was started in the year 2010 by Itzhak Avraham and Elia Yehuda.

Zanti is popular WiFi hacking app for Android that allows you to monitor the risk levels in a WiFi network. You can also use this app for securing your WiFi network or to terminate the connection between your WiFi and any other mobile device, preventing any user or hacker from accessing your internet.

The Zanti application is comparatively easy to use and displays a WiFi’s key configuration in green in its Wifi Scanner. You can try this app today for securing your WiFi network.

#3 Kali Linux

Not new in the world of ethical hacking android apps, Kali Linux was the world’s first open-source Android security penetration platform that was founded by Mati Aharoni in the year 2013.

With the release of Kali NetHunter, Kali Linux was made available to install on a number Android smartphone devices. Earlier Kali Linux could be only installed on Google Chromebook and a few other devices but now you can install it on many mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Nexus models. You can check the official list of supported devices for Kali Linux Android WiFi hacking app on Offensive Security, the Kali Linux app producer’s official website.

#4 WiFi WPS WPA Tester

WiFi WPS WPA Tester is one such WiFi hacking application for Android devices that gained a lot of popularity within a very short period of time due to its availability on the official Android market i.e. the Google Play Store.

Users can easily download WiFi WPS WPA Tester from Google Play store for testing purposes. It is developed by Saniorgl SRL and is also the first WiFi hacking application that was made available on Google Play Store.

Your Android operating system must be Android 5.0 Lollipop or above Android 5.0 in order to use WPS WPA tester. No root is required in order to use this application. Note that only the WiFi networks with WPS WPA protection can be hacked by WPS WPA tester, meaning you cannot hack WPA2 networks using this Wifi Android hack mobile application.

#5 dSploit

dSploit, just like WPS WPA tester is a simple and easy to use Android application which was manufactured with the goal of testing WiFi penetration methods. However, it can be also used to hack into a WiFi system for ethical hacking purposes.

You can also use the dSploit Wifi Hack App android application for controlling your WiFi network, running scrips, killing unwanted WiFi connections, redirecting URLs, replacing online images and videos, etc. The dSploit WiFi hacking applications surely come with a few advantages of its own.

These were some popular Wifi Hack app Android applications that are popular amongst Android developers and Ethical hackers. You can access these applications for testing and amending changes in your WiFi network or for hacking purposes if you are an ethical hacker.

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