Beware! WhatsApp Gold Will Steal Your Data!

WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging platform in the world. But, is it safe? This question arises because of a recent news about a message in WhatAapp that is actually a malicious software that affects your smartphone! We are talking about ‘WhatsApp Gold’! Reports from Twitter have suggested that many users have been already affected by this malicious program. The program is being shared on WhatsApp message which tells the user to download so called ‘WhatsApp Gold’!
Here is the message the user will get :

   Hey Finally the secret WhatsApp Golden version has been leaked. This version is used only by big celebrities. Now, we can use it too. WhatsApp gold offers many advance features like WhatsApp Video Calling, delete the message you’ve sent accidentally send more than 100 pics at a same time, free calling, Change WhatsApp themes and much more. The WhatsApp Gold can be activated only via invites and I’m inviting you. Once you will activate WhatsApp Gold, your green icon will change into Gold and you can enjoy all features safely. Activate WhatsApp Gold with one click at

Well, first thing first, there is nothing so called WhatsApp Gold and even WhatsApp officials have said that the Gold Version is a spam. Neither Play Store nor App Store has this app and if you go to the link shown in the malicious message, you will be shown error 404! The Same type of spam was seen through WhatsApp Plus also! WhatsApp has declared that it will ban each and every single device which has this malicious application. They have clearly said that they have not made this application nor authorized it.Also, the company has mentioned that it never sends messages to users about upgrading their WhatsApp. If they do so, it is done through emails.

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Well, we will give you just one advice – STAY SAFE! Never click on any link which you think is spam. If you find any malicious link sent to you as a message, contact WhatsApp.

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