Vysor Lets You Control Your Android Phone From Your PC!

Ever thought of browsing your smartphone on your PC ? Is your phone display too small or is your phone iPhone SE ? Just joking! :p


It is a popular app and many people have been using it for many years on PC.

But now, finally, Vysor has been launched on Android play store and guess what! It has 1000+ downloads already.

So what is Vysor and why you must install it,let’s discuss! 😀

With Vysor, u can get the screen interface on your PC.If your phone is having less screen size and you want to watch everything on a large space then connect your phone via USB.

Install it both on your smartphone and PC (via chrome web store) and you’re good to go. As it’s that easy to set up.If you’re a YouTuber and want to record your screen as well as you don’t want a vertical video. Just use vysor and record your PC screen so that you get 16:9 wide ratio and not disappoint your viewers . 🙂

You’re a PC person and you’re too lazy to look at your phone for all the important notifications and you’re tired of looking at your phone for each BUZZ of a message , Here again, Vysor comes to the rescue.As you can check everything on your PC.

You can present your presentations very easily and smoothly via this app. This is very helpful as many times we’re in a hurry or late to a meeting. We’re often in some places where we cannot open our laptop and work.

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So just make a presentation on your mobile .. connect it to PC via this app and your job is done! It has many different modes as well.In case you want more features like easy transfer of huge files just at a click of a button or wireless features? then you can purchase the vysor pro for $1.99 per month or $9.99 per year.

Isn’t it a very useful app?? Well, these were the ways in which we used Vysor. And Yes, If you have any other way in which you’ve used this app then let us know in the comments section 😀

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