VoLTE – What makes it better and better than regular calls?

According to experts, the new voice telephony service VoLTE, transmitted by the 4G connection, will soon replace the usual calls made to Indians by telephone. This is projected by both domestic mobile operators and smartphone manufacturers. So what is the technology behind it, what are its benefits to consumers and what is needed to use it?

VoLTE – what’s this?

VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is still a fairly new technology that allows you to make or receive calls using a 4G connection without having to jump to a slower 3G or 2G network.

Samsung, The mobile sales leader for business customers, introduced the technology for the first time to consumers in Singapore in 2014 and operated only with the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note3. Today, this service is compatible with a much larger variety of latest phone models and, well, comes to India.

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Advantages over ordinary calls

It has so far been customary for us to connect to a 2G or 3G network when it was ringing, and it automatically slowed down. Meanwhile, VoLTE technology allows you to talk on the phone using the same 4G connection. This means a number of advantages: 3 times faster than usual, interconnecting, better sound quality, save battery life. In addition, this technology allows you to talk and browse the phone at the same time, without compromising the speed of the Internet connection.

“We have the widest range of 4G networks, and we want to make the most of its benefits.” With the emergence of smartphones that support VoLTE technology, we are raising the quality of voice calls in Indians to a new quality level. Moreover, in the future, VoLTE will allow the development of such services, which we can now only dream about, since the 4G network is based on Internet protocol.

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What do you need to use?

A few years ago, users did not have phones with special software that meets the operator requirements and certification regarding VoLTE technology support, but the situation is changing now. Accordingly, the massive introduction of VoLTE-enabled software for phones has started in recent years by major manufacturers.

“As for our company phones, this service can be tested by all Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 +, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, this year’s Samsung Galaxy A3, Samsung Galaxy A5 and Samsung J3, and the owners of all the new models to come in future, “says the interlocutor.

Users tend to change their phones every two years, so it will take some time to use VoLTE for some time now while using older phone models. “Both interlocutors must use a device that supports this technology, otherwise the connection will go into 3G or 2G. On the other hand, those who want to use this service do not necessarily have to buy the most expensive phone, since they are already supported by some mid-sized or economical phones.

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