Useful Android Apps Not Available on Play Store

Lots of people like the idea of finding and using apps Google might not want them to use. So I thought, let’s go back to find some Android Apps, and that’s precisely what I’ve done. In today’s article, I’m presenting ten secret applications that google doesn’t want you to download.

F-DROID Android App

We’re starting with it since, for one, it’s not available on google Play Store. Second, F-droid is a third-party app shop where you may download apps that aren’t available on the official Google Play store. In terms of design, this app’s most notable characteristic is its lack of it. In truth, it’s a very simple design. However, what the software lacks in terms of aesthetics, it compensates for in terms of functionality. You may browse a seemingly endless selection of free & open-source software and install them as soon as it reaches one you like. Android is unquestionably the way to go if you enjoy checking out apps that aren’t widely available on the Play Store.

NEWPIPE Android App

As a result, we have new pot, a lighter edition of YouTube that enables a slew of previously unavailable functionalities. If you’re unsure where to obtain it, F-droid is a good place to start. Now, whether you’ve known of YouTube Advanced, another YouTube alternative that isn’t available on the Play Store, new pipe isn’t trying to imitate the design of the YouTube app. In fact, it has a very basic and simple appearance, but it has a lot of features, such as background playing pictures and photo mode downloading for offline playback, and most importantly, the app is extremely lightweight and fast. There are a few other features too though, but I’ll let you explore them for yourself.

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Now the flappy bird is an app that I’m sure needs a minimal introduction but in case you were only just born in the last five years, then let me give a quick history lesson so flappy bird is a simple arcade-style game that took the world by storm back in 2013 but after going viral to an insane level the developer who was supposedly breaking in around $50,000 per day at the app’s height he simply took the game offline he claimed he didn’t like the attention or that he created a game that was as addictive as flappy bird was now there are emulated versions of this app that are available to download on the play store but if you want the original then side loading it is the one and only way to go and I’m surprised at just how addictive this Android app still is.

HIGHSHOOT 2I Android App

Now I’m not really too sure why highshoot 2i is not available on the play store but the fact of the matter is that it isn’t so aside from the pretty random name if you haven’t heard of high shoot 2i it is essentially a mockup generator that helps to make screenshots look a lot nicer. If you’ve ever seen those Instagram pages that only showcase home screen setups, most of them probably use high shot 2i. The app works off third party templates that you download and most of the ones I can find are only available through the high shot 2i telegram channel so I’ll also leave a link to that below it feels a bit like the substratum theming engine except for mockups but the end results do look pretty fantastic.

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If you’re someone who takes a lot of screenshots, then chances are you’re a fan of customizing your home screen. Suppose that’s an accurate description of you. In that case, the ported super wallpapers from Xiaomi are a fantastic way to really excellent and otherwise dull-looking home screen. Each wallpaper is a separate apk file that you download via the mega file hosting site. Once you install them, they actually appear within your stock wallpaper chooser. The wallpapers are all animated and respond to your touches and swipes. Beyond that they’re all visually stunning to look at as well.

APK PURE Android App

At the start of the video, we looked at F-droid but if that doesn’t do it for you for whatever reason then an alternate third-party app store is apk pure. Unlike android apk pure is essentially a full-on play store replacement as any mainstream app can be found on their platform. What makes it a viable alternative to the play store is that you can also download older versions of applications. For example, let’s say you hate the Instagram reels feature, well uninstall the latest version, then use Apk pure to find the version that came before that update. Install it, and there you go. It’s actually a pretty handy feature to have easy access to, so it could be worth a shot now, speaking of Instagram.

BARINSTA Android App

Barinsta is actually a third-party Instagram client that packs in a few additional handy features. Firstly, you don’t need to have an Instagram account to use and browse public profiles and hashtags on the platform. Still, you can, of course, also log in to unlock a few additional features. You can pause and even download stories.

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You can customize the theme and layout of the app, plus there’s a bunch of other features as well, and although the design and feel is not quite as lovely or as fluid as the stock app itself, it’s still got enough added functionality to make it a worthwhile download.

Let us all know down in the comments below and I’ll try and put together another article soon. If you enjoyed our article, please share and shower us your love.

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