How to use the mobile as a remote control with Kodi

How to use the mobile as a remote control with Kodi, Do you have Kodi installed on any of your screens? This multimedia center is compatible with all kinds of devices, as well as dozens of remote controls. If you do not have one at hand, in this tutorial we will teach you how to convert the smartphone into a remote control for use with Kodi.

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1: Install Kodi

Surely you’ve used Kodi, one of the most popular universal media players.

Kodi lets you play any video, music or images you store with a stylish and fully customizable interface on all types of devices: iOS, Android, PCs with Windows, Linux or MacOS, and even Raspberry Pi. Kodi download covers and information to improve your collection:

Thanks to the use of add-ons, you can install channels and download services or streaming, which offer us all kinds of content.

If you install Kodi on a computer to see your content on the monitor, or on a Raspberry Pi connected to a TV, for example, handling Kodi with a keyboard or a gamepad is quite uncomfortable, especially if you are watching TV in the lounge, thrown on the couch.

In this tutorial, we are going to explain to you how to turn the mobile into a remote control for use with Kodi. You can select your channels and content using the mobile, a system much more comfortable if you do not have a remote compatible with Kodi.

To start, logically first you have to install Kodi on the device where you are going to use it . Download Kodi from the official website, and install it. Perform a content check to locate the videos, music, or images you want to view. You can also install some add-on to access streaming services.

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2: Install Kore

To convert the Android mobile into a Kodi remote , we will use an official app from the application itself, called Kore .

You can download Kore for Android or iOS from these Google Play and App Store links.

3: Configure Kodi

First we must configure Kodi correctly. If you do not have it in your preference, click on the Nut icon to enter the configuration. Access  Interface Settings  and then Regional, Language section, select Spanish, Catalan, Galician, etc.

Now without leaving Settings (Nut icon), enter Service Settings. We will see another nut icon in the lower left corner. We press until you set Standard. Then the Control option will appear in the menu:

You must select the Allow remote control via HTTP, Allow remote control from applications on this computer option, and  Allow remote control from applications on other computers. The port must be 8080.

It is convenient to change the User and the password, but if you use the default values ​​the user is kodi, without password.

We left the setup, but let Kodi go. Save start Kore on the mobile. The Add Computer window opens directly. We play in Next :

If Kore finds Kodi, the tutorial will be over. But chances are you will not find anything. It’s a good sign: it means your PC and your router are protected against external access.

In this case, a manual configuration must be performed . For this we need the IP address that Kodi uses . Enter Configuration (Nut icon), click on System Info , and on Summary. Here is the IP address used by Kodi. In our case it is

We leave the configuration without turning off Kodi , and we return to Kore on the mobile. After performing a search, the app tells us that nothing is found, but that we can do a manual configuration by clicking on Next.

In the screen that appears, we must include this data:

  • Media center name : by default, kodi
  • IP : or the one that we Kodi in the previous step
  • User
  • Password
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If you have not changed your username and password the user is kodi, no password.

Click on the Test button. If everything is correct, in Kodi a message will appear indicating that we have connected through the mobile:

It’s time to check if the mobile function correctly as remote Kodi.

We start Kodi and return to Kore. Press the Done button to start using it. A menu allows us to access the music, video, and all the content we have in Kodi:

We will only have to select a video or a song to play it. With the Remote option , we can use the mobile screen as a Kodi remote  to pause, forward, rewind or change video:

It’s a very comfortable system if you connect Kodi to the TV in the living room. Test it!

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