April 3, 2020

How to Use Facebook on Any Mobile Without Internet

Do you carry a smartphone or a non-multimedia handset like Nokia 1100 that doesn’t have any in-built web browser and data access feature? If yes, then this post will help you to use your facebook account on that particular handheld device without data plan.

Yes you heard it right. Now you can do much more with your old mobile. See below guide to access FB on any mobile phone without internet connection.

Facebook India has just tie-ups with Fonetwish to bring FB on every mobile phone. This FB service doesn’t require any apps and data package. According to Fonetwish, this service is currently available on Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, Idea and Tata Docomo users in India.

Suppose you have stuck on a place and there is no other form of internet like Mobile GPRS, Broadband or WiFi connection, then this guide will help to use FB on that particular place with your non-multimedia phone.

Without having any data plan or internet package on your mobile phone, you can still use Facebook.com in India by just dialing *325# or *fbk# from your cell phone.

Use Facebook Without the Data Plan

Just dial a simple USSD code *325# on your mobile phone, then follow simple instructions and access various features of FB including friends chat, add new friends, post on your wall, and lots more.

As soon as you dial this USSD code on your phone, you will get a message (for Vodafone operators) “Welcome to the Vodafone Social Updates. Select from below: 1. Facebook, 2. Email, 3. Twitter”. Simply reply with an option like 1 (for FB updates), next you will get “Vodafone Social Updates. Please select a subscription: 1. Facebook monthly (Rs. 15), 2. All Monthly (Rs. 30), 3. All Daily (Re1)”. You can choose the plan according to your needs.

Once you select the subscription type, you will be prompt for FB account username, enter your email id that registered with your Facebook account. In next option, you will be prompt to enter your Facebook password. And once you enter the Facebook account details, you will get a welcome message-

Welcome to Facebook by Fonetwish. Your request has been accepted. We will shortly send you a Menu, please exit this message.

Next option will be for News Feed, Update Status, Post on Wall, Friend Request, Messages, and Notifications. Choose an appropriate option and follow the further instructions.

The only lack of this service is; you can not either recover Facebook account if it hacked nor you can temporarily deactivate or delete facebook account permanently incase you wish to close the account. But there are plenty of handy guide available on elkeesmedia, you can check them out.

I have personally tried this service on Vodafone operator and found it very interesting. Those peoples who don’t have not data plan active on their mobile phone, they can use this services to stay connected with their friends, families and colleagues.

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I know it may be pretty harder to read you Facebook feeds one by one, however this is a good option to access Facebook quickly without any data pack. The price is also affordable, you can get unlimited FB usage by just paying a subscription fee of Re1.00 per day.

Hope the above tutorial will be proven helpful for many people who still using outdated mobiles phones or can’t afford data plan charges. Don’t forget to share you experience via comments below.

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