Ubuntu Vs Fedora – Which is the Best?

What is Ubuntu?

Accessible, compatible, Super-fast, free and easy to use are the exclusive features of the operating system Ubuntu. It powers thousands of netbooks, desktops, and servers globally. It is a small pack with everything one requires. Working for Mp3 players, cameras, printers and PC files with thousands of applications that you want are provided by Ubuntu.

What is Fedora?

Fedora is a renown Linux-based open source operating system. Designed with security, it is an operating system for the general purpose. After Ubuntu is it is the second largest operating system for Linux distribution with exclusive features like free to use, modifications and distribution. Red Hat has sponsored Fedora and distributions which are based on Fedora OLPC and RHEL, namely One Laptop per Child and Red Hat Enterprise Linux respectively.

Significant differences between Ubuntu and Fedora:

This is the biggest question one may ask, but as the issue is major the differences between the Ubuntu and Fedora are also significant. The most major point of difference that one would note between both the operating system is that Ubuntu is Debian based and on the other hand Fedora is Red Hat based. The basis of this operating system is different leading to different package managers.  The biggest difference is that Fedora is based on RedHat whereas Ubuntu is based on Debian.
Fedora is an operating system which uses free software without patents encumbering it.  In this sense more programmatic is Ubuntu. For example, the VLC media player software is offered by Ubuntu whereas in Fedora media of numerous kinds and other DVD players are without patents. Flash in the same sense requires easy installation in Ubuntu whereas in Fedora it becomes a bit difficult to install. But flash can be installed on Fedora by making use of third-party archives.  Hardware proprietary drivers are also not available in Fedora where as is easy in Ubuntu.

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For Red Hat, Fedora plays a vital role as the technological playground. Where testing is done to make sure that commercial distro can be overlooked. These releases are the biggest support till the time Fedora launches its next version. With the compilation of more companies and users, Ubuntu supports for long terms. In some areas, it is polished with senses and reveals more features which can prove to be advantageous and at the same time Fedora is proven to be a cutting edge in some fields. Here the example is LVM installer which is by default in Fedora but not in this one.

Point of similarity between Ubuntu and Fedora:
Although there are significant points of difference between Ubuntu and Fedora at the same time, they have many points which are similar.  Both the operating systems are free software with the comfortable use of Linux and GNU. Ubuntu being the most gaining one, Fedora also is the highly secure and productive operating system. Both the systems are cooperative with beginner friendly aspect. These systems have different approaches and are very crucial at several points, but the features provided by these are exclusive and unique, it totally is in our court which is the one we will opt for?

Many of us are unaware but our favorite smartphone OS named Android is developed over Linux Ubuntu, and the Best Android Apps are also developed over Linux platform.

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