Twitter Getting sold, Google & Salesforce Probable Buyers!

Twitter is the 3rd most famous social networking platform after Facebook and YouTube. Right now having more than 300 Million active users, we can without much of a stretch envision how enormous Twitter is. Today in the morning, Twitter shares got a sudden increase after the news appeared unexpectedly that the well-known social networking platform , Twitter is Getting sold. What’s more, Google and Salesforce are the top names in the purchaser’s list. A few sources additionally say that Microsoft and Verizon are in the purchaser’s list as well! So it will be entirely fascinating to see Twitter getting sold to any of these organizations.

As mentioned before, the shares of Twitter got a sudden increase and this was about 20%. The deal isn’t yet supposed to happen immediately. But, it is expected that if it will happen, it will probably before the end of 2016. Twitter presently has the market share of $13.3 Billion and the companies will get huge profit by acquiring the 3rd most popular social media platform. There are some reasons that themselves say that Salesforce is the most favorable of all. First reason is that Salesforce has almost half of the market cap as compared to Twitter’s and also, it had tried to acquire LinkedIn but failed. This time, the company will not be thinking to miss this great move.

Now, coming to Google, we all know the company can easily acquire Twitter and this will help them a lot to strengthen themselves more in the market. Youtube, the 2nd most popular social media platform is from Google. Maybe users can do conversations on YouTube but with Twitter, users can get into pure-play conversations that Youtube surely lacks.

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Well, reasons are many and we will surely hear some official words about Twitter getting sold from any of the companies that are expected to be indulged in this deal. What are your opinions about this ? Do let us know via comments section. ?

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