Turn Any Laptop To Touch Screen With AirBar

Lots of laptops manufacturers have been building a touch screen laptops these days. Having touch screen functionality gives versatile options such as swipe, pinch, click, rotate, scroll and so on. But what if you already own a laptop and do not want to invest too much buying a laptop with touch screen. Does that mean you need to dump your old laptop? The answer is, No. Neonode has come up with a device called AirBar.

Why should you use AirBar to convert your laptop to touch screen?

Ever since Microsoft embraced the touch friendliness to it’s Windows 8, many OEM providers are trying their way to turn non-touch laptops into a touch interface. Yes, we do have other technologies like Leapmotion, stylus using infrared sensors, touch overlay display to convert an existing non-touch to touch enabled. But somewhere down the line, they are either not practical or way too expensive. That’s when Neonode’s AirBar gives a breakthrough for touch interface on laptops.

Neonode AirBar

Neonode AirBar uses Light interface rather than the touch. Which means it can be used with your bare fingers, stylus and even with gloves. All you need to do is attach it at the bottom of your laptop’s screen which stays at its place using tiny strong magnets. And then just plug it’s USB to any of the available USB ports on your laptop.The AirBar is plug-and-play and is stated not needing any additional drivers for computers running Windows or ChromeOS (there is currently only limited functionality for OSX).

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How much does it Cost to Own it?

As mentioned above most of the devices that help to convert a regular laptop to touch-enabled costs a lot and even If it doesn’t cost much it pretty much of waste of your money. It costs only $69 with three different variants to choose from 13.3 inches, 14 inches and 15.6 inches which are mostly the standard size of any laptops.

Have a glimpse of AirBar in action or visit the official website of  to buy it.

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