[INSANE] Turing Phone Cadenza Packs 12GB RAM & 2 Snapdragon 830s

The day is not far when we will see laptops and smartphones with same spec sheet! Slowly and slowly, we are witnessing how the smartphones are being upgraded with specs that were almost impossible to imagine 3-4 years ago. Now you have smartphones with more RAM than your average PC and even a faster processor. Well, Turing Phone, a company that is well known for its powerful devices, has announced a phone that will actually change the way you see a smartphone. It is named as the Turing Phone Cadenza. Specs are insane on paper and we hope to see the same thing in a device also!


The company has started calling this as the ‘Perfect’ device and it really is! Till now, no device is actually perfect if we consider every single aspect and the Turing Phone Cadenza will surely break the myth that there is no perfect device. On the paper, the specs are like this :

*5.8-Inch screen with a resolution of 1440×2560. *2x Snapdragon 830. ( Yes!, there will be two of them!) *60MP Primary camera + 20MP front-facing camera. The Rear camera will be able to shoot 6K! *12GB DDR4X RAM. ( Holy *£&@!) *512GB Onboard Storage. Low? Well, you also have 2 microSD card slots then!

*100Wh battery with graphene and hydrogen fuel cells ( Is it a Nuclear Reactor?, and the ability to simultaneously read four nanoSIMs. ( Someone Kill me Please!)


Well, we are pretty much sure that these specs blew your inner soul.( I think I went too deep). The specs may seem as fake but this information has been provided to Android Police by the company itself and we hope this isn’t a fake news at all. The device will be launched next year and if it comes in the market, we will be witnessing a whole new face of the smartphone industry. The smartphones are going to be smarter. Mark my words! ?

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