Top Trending Apps Which You Should Have in 2017

Every year a new app is introduced in the market embedded with the most advanced, Prodigy and the eye catchy features capable of attracting the public attention towards it. As these apps are flown into the market more the difficulty arise in the minds of the people regarding the choice that which app would be best suited for their daily use. They usually find themselves in a state of a dilemma due o the mind blowing developers who allow them to dive into a different world full of giggling and the advanced looks and patterns. Here is the well updated and researched app for you that will prove to be useful in your daily life. So, let’s move on with the countdown.

EVERNOTE: – Someone has rightly said that tensions and worries are never ending phenomenon whose tail cannot be straightened even after the Cody works. With the increasing loss of the childhood days, a number of obstacles are laid down on our path starting from the wrath of your senior members regarding the completion of the work. The more we are ahead towards our goals more is the pressure of the work and remembering all of them is immensely difficult. Here is the best app for you where you can easily make notes of all the works which you have done or have to do in the future.


Download here EVERNOTE

SPLITWISE: – Some might say that calculation is an easy job but I must tell them to first look into the life of an engineer and then show dare to tell such good things about the most difficult and hilarious thing. The equal sharing of the money after you have hung out with your friends is not an easy job where you have to walk for miles in search for its solution. Here is this best app for you which will enhance your way with its correct and mind blowing calculations. I must say that this app must be installed on your device if you are a student.

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Download here SPLITWISE

AWESUMMLY: – Sitting down the blue sky on the greenish floor in the motherly arms of nature observing the lovely phenomenon happening within and above all the newspaper in your hand is always a start you might look for. But when you are fed up with the overrated and the exaggerated writings in the newspaper what will you do? You don’t wanna have to do any thing as this awesome will be automatically served before you with its unique features capable of driving you off from your seat. The success point of this app is far more than appreciable and is currently the best short news app.

Download here Short News App

Or directly read Short News from their official website.

AVG ANTIVIRUS: – Does your phone requires medical care? Here is this best app for you which will fully take care of your device. Thanks to AVG Technologies Pvt. Ltd whose hard work and firm determination led to the existence of this anti-virus app into the market. Embedded with the most advanced anti-virus features it not only notifies you about the external malware homing your device but also removes it with a single clean on the icon and trust me by looking at its unique features you can hardly leave your device without this app.


Download here AVG ANTIVIRUS

SWIGGY: – If the talk of food is going on and leaving this app would be an uneasy situation as where is this topic comes it itself wave its hand indicating the importance. When you are feeling hungry and is looking for a food delivery app this app comes first in your mind. Just set the location on it and go through the famous Indian and the Italian dishes and order them with a single click on your favorite icon. The very next moment the delivery boy will be waiting outside the door with a box of rich and the spicy food.

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Download here SWIGGY

FLIPBOARD: – Are you fond of reading magazines? If yes, then definitely this app is for you which is anytime, anywhere magazine encrypted with the same lovely, exciting and the thrilling facts. Instead of scrolling the app left to right, it allows you to sync vertically making the view more attractive and enjoyable.


Download here FLIPBOARD

PAYTM: – Well, it will start building its bridge of appreciation, praise and Prodigy features then definitely I will be sorted out of the words and even the beautiful quotes and the punch lines would not be enough to build it. What you cannot do through this app, all the types of recharge starting from the mobile prepaid to the Dish T.V, all types of bill payments and above all booking of online tickets. All you can do through this wonderful and glorious app.

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