Top Tech that’ll Prove the Revolution of 21st Century

Technology is growing fast. You walk into a supermarket, and you can easily spot Wallpaper-thin Television sets and computers the size of your credit card.

It has been thoroughly researched by the Deloitte International that future leadership roles rely dramatically on the technosphere of tomorrow.

It’s one of the strong reasons why such leaders are creating drones that can dive deep underwater, biometric clocking system, and smart grid electrical systems likewise.

Amazingly, these are just only a few handful of the huge keep which you can term as Solomon’s mine of technology. From home appliances to automotive, the tech industry has revolutionized almost everything with their flawless innovations.

A few of the most high profile tech companies such as the evergreen Apple and Google are moving on with a head on conflict.

Each trying desperately to create a product that can send an upbeat into the market. While they are working their best at it; other competitors are reluctant to parallel them in this amazing race of technology advancements.

Apart from all, on enterprise level stands Elon Musk alone, leaving all things behind.

While razor thin laptops and convertible computers are taking their toll, let’s check out which show-stopping gadgets are going to make a massively impressive impact within the stratosphere of technology this year. These are some of the top picks we assembled for you this year 2017. Check them out!

Lenovo Smart Assistant

The all new Lenovo unique speakers are one of a kind devices which the company introduced recently. It comes in subtle alternative colors and is slightly a cheaper option than the previous Amazon release, Echo.

This device comes with the Amazon’s Alexa powered voice assistant and is an ideal device for various tasks as your assistant. With the all new, Lenovo Smart Assistant you can play and listen to your favorite music, set scheduled tasks, create to do list, get updates on weathers and ask different questions.

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So, if you are bored and can’t afford a secretary, get yourself the Lenovo Smart Assistant, it will help you manage your day accordingly.

Razer Project Valerie

Are you searching for a three in one laptop so you can play video games, work and watch Netflix, all at the same time? Then look no further than the Razer Projector Valerie.

Valerie adds two extra folds of an adjustable screen to the main screen of your laptop which can easily expand out of the primary screen located in the center. All three displays are 17 inches and are up to 4k resolution support. You can use the screens individually or you can simply use them as one single big screen, the choice is yours!

The only downside of this device is that it weighs almost 12 pounds, so it makes it a bit of a heavy component to carry around.

So, if you are an efficient multitasker then Razer Project Valerie is one product that should be added to your list at all cost!

3D Printing Technology

3D printing is picking pace since last 2-3 years. If you have not heard of 3D printing technology, then let me tell you, this amazing technology helps you to build 3D object with the help of 3D printers. 3D Printing has done some jaw dropping things which have certainly amazed the world. In the recent event, a 3D printer in China was able to build a house in merely 10 days with a very low cost. It not only does the things with very ease but also removes the complexity, lessen the time and many other. Not only this, Tevido BioDevices company was able to build first human tissue with the help of BioPrinters. BioPrinter uses bio-ink to make natural implants. The possibility is endless with 3d printing technology.

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Toyota Concept-i

Well, the future of cars comes with Toyota.

They don’t believe in waiting for the future to knock on their doors; they are building it with their all new Concept-i right now.

This autonomously powerful vehicle is not only self-governed, but it is also artificially intelligent.

According to Toyota, it is compatible to study the driver’s preferences while traveling and amazingly, in time, the car will suggest the driver drop points based on his previous destinations after having a quick chat.

The vehicle has its own personal assistant named as “Yui.”

So, what you know! If you can afford it, you can now travel in style 😉

Asus Zenfone AR

Introducing the first Zenfone by Asus equipped with the AR technology which takes the user into the near future.

Your phone is not just going to be your Uber pick-up device, gaming device or video chatting gadget, but a lot more. With the all new Asus Zenfone AR, you can transform your device into an augmented and virtual reality experience.

It is integrated with two Google technologies namely Tango and Daydream. Both of them enables the device to analyze and interact with its surrounding, observe and track motion, sense and follow depth so it can enable AR and VR apps to run on it accordingly.

So, if you like to live in a virtual world, then this is your dream device.

LG WP Series TV

With the new LG WP Series TV, you and your family can blend in with the screen as easily as looking through a window to another dimension.

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This thin as wallpaper television set is the new 77 inch TV set which is incredibly sleek and light for its size?

Amazingly, it only weighs 27 pounds! While a normal TV would weigh around 70 to 80 pounds respectively.

This device is designed perfectly and differently; you can separate the screen from the system where as the frame is composed of Dolby Atmos sound bar integrated with I/O ports for connectivity.

So, if you are a killer movie watcher and love to keep track of your shows! Then The all new LG Series is present to give you a breathtaking experience that you may never had before!

Intel’s Credit Card Sized Computer

Most digital devices are designed to be upgraded and customized, while Intel follows a totally different strategy and approach. They are thinking to integrate and upgrade various interconnected devices such as home appliance and AI robots in the near future.

Intel introduces the first ever Computer card which is actually a personal computer about the size of a credit card.

It is a smart card that can enable you to effectively upgrade any device instead of discarding the old model with a new one. Just insert the card to your interconnected device and swipe the component to new upgraded version.

So are you looking forward to getting digitized and enter the new realm of the technology, then look no further than getting yourself the all new Intel’s Credit Card Sized Computer and make your home a tech savvy solution?

With that, we conclude our article on the best gadgets to keep in the year 2017. If you think, there are more to add to the list, do leave your picks in the comment section below and we will surely try to include it in our next article!

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