Top 5 things in Digital Marketing to plan for in 2017

As we are leading toward the end of the year 2016, we have just seen lots of emerging technology for digital marketing while most of the tech savvy marketers have started to think about next big what in the field of digital marketing for the year 2017. With the end of 2016, we would have surely started to plan for 2017 regarding the marketing tactics and resources while walking hand in hand with the upcoming and emerging technologies. Now all you need to know what big companies are planning for them while we can figure out what fits our need which will help and impact the growth of our viewers.

No one can surely predict the future of 2017 digital marketing. But what we can do is try to have a glimpse and analyse the as what they are up to. With their enormous resources and planning, they are able to recognise the growing trend that will help them help them to forecast the aspect of 2017 digital marketing.

Have a look at these top 5 things forecasted that will help you to develop your to plan and resource your 2017 Digital marketing.

  1. Let us try to get an insight about all of these Digital Marketing strategies in details.

Content Marketing.

This not something that is not new to anyone as what content marketing does to enhance, reverberate and promote your digital marketing strategy. All you need to think about content marketing is the proper plan execution so that you can deliver the maximum to your viewers by providing appealing information which is not only helpful but also appropriate for them.

Now if we look at the statistics from Content marketing organisations, around 85% of the business to business marketers in North America have depended on promoting and marketing the content. With the increase in content marketing it’s really difficult to filter out the rest of digital content noise from your content. So all you got to do is focusing on the quality rather than the quantity of your content. End-users are getting more intelligent and hence are getting more and more difficult to engage them. 2017 is all about producing the quality content with the considerable amount or the right target audience which will help you to keep yourself on top on search engines when compared to others.

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Video Marketing.

Now if we have seen that content was dominant in 2016 but if we look further for 2017, we can say that it is the year of videos. Now, why do we say that is because end users like to watch the video be it for recreation or for knowledge and we’ve already seen big players like Facebook, twitter and our budding Snapchat being massively investing on video marketing because they’ve already realized the potential of video marketing and the way it helps to impact and engage end users. While needless to say, where consumers go, the brands are sure to follow without giving a second thought to leaving behind the conventional method. So using the social media with video marketing surely helps to acquire and promote brands which will definitely help to engage and convert consumers.

Live streaming, yes it may sound like something new this year but it will be a kind of mainstream in 2017. With the advancement in science and technology marketing via live stream will be the future. Consumers these days love to stay updated before anyone else telling them about it.  While it also provides the transparency and unfiltered content. It’s also convenient to interact with the users and viewers. You can say it’s as good as saying that watch now live or you will miss the opportunity to see it happening at that instance. It also keeps the end users engaged for the complete event or campaign.

Concentrate on mobile rich experience.

Believe it or not but most of our time we are engaged with smartphones to connect with the world of the internet rather than televisions or computers and laptops. As mentioned above regarding video marketing, mobile devices is the right channel for video marketing. According to a recently conducted survey, around 85% users of Twitters who watch videos on regular basis. While 90% of these users watch it on smartphones.

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Since 2015 google has shifted its focus to enhancing mobile experience on the web. Brand love to stay on top of the search engines for their visibility and engaging their potential consumers and hence optimisation of mobile experience should be on high priority. Google has also unveiled that more than 50% of searches triggered via smartphones and they also expect the number to rise at a good pace. Needless to say, when consumers are shifting more over smartphones, it’s so obvious that brands will surely shift their focus on mobile rich experience to reach their consumers and so will the intelligent marketers.

Role of Influencers in Digital Marketing.

With the growth of the digital world, the unnecessary and irrelevant noise is getting louder which creates a barrier for brands to reach their target consumers. Consumers these days would rather trust someone with sound knowledge in that relevant field, someone who can deliver an unbiased information rather than be promoting all the goods about it.  Today, the consumer have become sound with trusting an influencer rather than directly on a brand. While it’s surprising to see that 90% of people would rather trust an influencer rather than a brand directly.

In 2016, we have seen that brand has realised the power of influencers. Brands know that the fastest way to reach their target audience is the person who they trust and rely on. Make sure to include your budget for influencers who trusts the brand and is willing to deliver their information via their respective channels. While also look for brands that are willing to invest and research on aligning and identifying the right influencers with the perfect target audience that are relevant.

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Internet of Things and wearable technology.

According to the research that is being conducted for wearables. It is estimated that there is a rise in adoption in wearables which is currently 28% and growing. Internet of things have started to become more of a reality and it’s not too far in future that all devices and gadgets are connected and can communicate with each other. Now here the point is, in next year on an average every household will have not less than 5 devices that are connected to the internet.

Now, what do wearables and Internet of things got to do with all the marketers out there? This question would surely hit your mind. So the answer is that with the Internet of Things, it has open doors for endless possibilities. For marketers, the insight data and statistics plays an important role for targeting their audience. With Internet of Things and wearables, a marketer will be able to get a deeper insight statistics of consumers and their behaviour which will help to target consumers more precisely without wasting much resources on the irrelevant ones.

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