Top 3 Snapchat Hack Tricks For All Snapchat Lovers!

Snapchat is a social messaging platform app, but it’s not the same as the other social messaging apps out there. It has a remarkable feature, where you can send and receive your snaps, and you can view it for maximum 10 seconds only. At first glance, the app looks very straightforward and easy to use. But, it’s not that much user-friendly as it looks. There are countless people out there who have been practicing this app for a long time and still don’t know its amazing hidden features. So, due to this, many people question that how some can create such amazing snaps with all those cool effects, filters, etc. We care for you and will be helping you with this in today’s article by revealing Snapchat hack tricks of 2017. Keep reading to know more.

1) Find/Add Users Nearby On Snapchat

Did you ever want to add new friends on Snapchat? Like other famous social messaging platforms, did you want the feature to search for friends? If yes, then you are lucky as Snapchat has an unusual feature which lets you search nearby friends on Snapchat. But, there’s a catch in it, you will only be able to find nearby friends who are also searching at the same time as you.

Follow below steps to activate this Snapchat hack trick-

1)      Open your app.

2)      Tap onto the ghost figure positioned at the upper middle.

3)      Now, click on “Add Friends.

4)      Select option, “Add Nearby.

5)     Now leave it to the app, it will do the searching automatically, and If someone is searching at the same time, it will display up to the Snapchatter otherwise, it won’t show any results. This is a fantastic feature for crowdie areas, buildings, campuses, etc.

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2) Turn Off Sound In Your Videos

Well, who doesn’t want sounds in their videos? I am sure; everyone surely wants some sound in their videos. But, If your video is making sense without sound, for, e.g., some quick video, such as vines videos, or mime videos, then there’s a feature for you guys that can disable sound avoiding the background unnecessary, loud noises. Follow below steps to activate this feature-

1)      Open your app

2)      Start recording a video

3)      Once it’s done, then you will see a volume type icon at bottom left corner.

4)      Just tap on it once, and then the sound waves will disappear, and in place of those waves, a cross sign like this “X” would appear.

3) Change Color, Orientation, Size Of Your Text

The text which you add in your snaps is not limited to just white color, and the size/orientation is also not fixed, you can adjust it according to your need. Keep reading to know how to do it.

1) Open your app

2) Record a video, click on “T” icon located at top left corner

3) Now, here comes the trick part. Read it carefully-

  • To Make The Text Appear Larger: Double click on the “T” icon.
  • To Change The Color Of The Text: Tap on the text and it will display the color palette (Use your finger, and you can drag from up to down, and select your favorite color.
  • To Move It: Just click on the text with your finger, and you can move it around the screen anywhere.
  • To Rotate/Resize The Text: Use your two fingers to pinch-to-zoom and rotate it/resize as you like it.
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