Tips to Write a Good Report

During your student life, you will be asked to write a report in several cases. For some students, it is not clear what the difference between a report and an essay is. Many students wonder what they should write, what style to use, and some other details. More often than not, these doubts persist. It is not uncommon to see employees that have no clue how to write a report for their managers.

For many students (and professionals), this situation is frustrating. However, this should not be a source of concern. Nowadays, several online companies offer assistance to write good reports. For example, you can visit and ask “can you help me to write my report?”

One of these companies can write a custom report according to your specifications. Then, you can use the purchased report as an example to write yours. This way you avoid writing from scratch, which can be much more complicated. Even though this is a good alternative when you have time constraints, the best is writing the report yourself.

What Should You Include in a Report?

So, to start writing a good report, the first thing to know is what must be included. A report presents your examination and analysis of a specific topic or problem. It is expected that, based on your analysis, you issue recommendations and propose actions. Thus, there can be different types of reports (business, research, etc.).

Unlike an essay, a report is commonly written for a limited audience interested in facts rather than reasoning and arguments. Thus, you must write your report very clearly and concisely. You must structure the information properly to achieve the goal of enabling the reader to find relevant data quickly. Thus, a common practice while writing a report is numbering sections and subsections.

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Although there is no universal format for a report, the common content thereof can be:

  •  A description of a specific situation, event, or issue;
  • Your interpretation of the said situation along with others’ views;
  • Your research results concerning the situation;
  • Recommendations and discussion on the possible impact or outcomes thereof;
  •  Conclusions.

As said, there is no standard format. Thus, you must pay attention to the requirements of the person asking for the report. He or she may provide some specific guidelines to organize the content of the report.

How to Write an Excellent Report

Independently of the type, you can create an excellent report by reading the brief carefully. The brief will indicate who the readers of the report will be and the scope thereof. Focus on the audience, what you want them to do after reading your document. Should they implement your recommendations? Should they make a more informed decision based on the information you provide?

Whether for the pre-writing or writing stage, remember always to whom the report is intended. Do not deviate from the topic in question. Consider that a report is not an argumentative essay. Even though it was already mentioned that no standard format exists, at least try to include the following sections:

  • Abstract. Here, you must summarize the content of the entire report. You have to include the most important points only. The abstract should be short and concise, no longer than a half-page. The Abstract is intended for people that do not have the time to read the entire report. You should consider writing the Abstract when you finish the entire report and have a wider “picture” of the content;
  • Introduction. In this section you provide the background of the topic that you will address in the report;
  • Main Body. This is the most important part. Therefore, you have to write it in the best possible way. As has been mentioned, you have to pay attention to the structure of the information that you present. State the issue clearly and concisely, including the different views and disagreements about it. Include the references and experimental data that you deem necessary;
  • Conclusions. For a report, the conclusions tend to be recommendations to improve the situation or issue discussed. Do not give vague recommendations though. Be very specific and describe how your recommendations can be implemented. Also, describe clearly how the benefit of this implementation can be measured or quantified.
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Finally, just like with any other document, you must revise and edit it thoroughly. Correct all grammar mistakes and misspellings. There are software tools that can help you to revise your draft quickly.  The impeccable English writing will give a much better impression.

Read the report aloud and identify any irrelevant passage. Thus, eliminate anything that does not contribute substantially to the presentation of the issue. If your report is an academic assignment, check whether the report complies with all the requirements.

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