Tips To Score More In Class 9 Exams

It is almost every student’s dream to score good marks in the first ever board exam which is the class 10 final exams but little do they realise that the class 9 syllabus and exams are setting a foundation to achieve their dream. Students in class 9 should take equal importance in preparation like those of class 10 as it will help them to get into a systematic routine in their studying patterns and also help in understanding the syllabus to develop a strong foundation of the topics asked in the class 10 board exam. Here are few tips to help class 9 students prepare:

Take Notes:

Listening to the lecture and taking notes will solve most of the trouble for students. Let’s say, for example, if a topic on ecology is taught in class, 70% of the topic is understood when the student listens to the teacher in class and the remaining percentage is acquired during the time of revision when the student runs through the notes jotted down during the lecture.

Follow a plan:

Note down your weak and strong sections in each subject as it will help you to work on the concepts that require more time. Once these sections are noted down, a proper plan should be followed so that it will help you to be systematic with your preparation to achieve more than your targets. Make sure to add short breaks, exercises as well as a healthy diet in the plan which is to be followed. This will allow you to have an overall balance.

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Yes, as the saying goes Practise makes a man perfect. You should practise more previous year question papers, sample papers and other exercise questions to get completely familiar with the topics and the type of questions asked in the exam. The more you practise, the faster you will be able to understand the questions that appear in your examinations.

Here are just a few tips for class 9 students to follow during their preparation to help them in tune themselves for their first ever board exam, so that they can excel and score more marks in their class 10 board exams. The students can subscribe to the BYJU’S YouTube channel to learn topics like Photosynthesis, pollution, etc. with interactive video lessons.

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