The Truth About Phone Charging Is About To Be Revealed.

Smartphones have become a very important part of our life and we cannot even imagine our life without them. Well, one of the most annoying things is low battery warning on the phone. So, we all rush to grab the charger to save our dying smartphone. We all know that not every smartphone is able to run a whole day on a single charge. In fact, this is our mistake! Now you’ll be thinking – ‘Our Mistake! How?’. We all have some habits of charging our phone which is not beneficial for the phone at all. Most of the time, the smartphone users are charging their phones the wrong way. So, What you don’t know about Phone Charging? Let’s find out ! ?

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Most of the users have a habit of charging the phone overnight while some always charge the phone up to 100% and don’t even unplug the charger after the phone has been charged. The battery university explains that the Lithium-ion batteries in our smartphones are very Sensitive. If you want to keep your Phone’s battery safe, here are the things you should keep in mind.


  1. TURN OFF THE CHARGER AFTER 100% –                                                                                     According to the Battery University, you should remove the charger from your phone, whenever the charging completes. If you don’t do this, then this will affect your phone. This decreases the life span of the device’s battery, which no one will want to happen! Once the battery reaches 100%, remove the charger, Keeping the charger ON after the phone charging is completed affects the battery. Here is a beautiful example to understand this –                                                                                                                                                                                                     Whenever you do some exercise, you always give your body rest after the exercise completes. The battery works the same way. Well, who wants to do exercise for hours and hours?                    
  2. DONT CHARGE YOU PHONE TO 100%! –                                                                                       Sounds Weird? Yes, it is! We all want to charge our phone full before using it but according to Battery University, it is not necessary to charge the phone completely. Why? If you charge the battery fully, the high voltage will put pressure on the battery and hence the battery will not last very long! ?
  3. CHARGE YOUR PHONE ANYTIME –                                                                                                A lot of users have a habit of charging the phone only when it reaches 0%. They think this is better than charging the phone anytime. But, the truth is, you should charge the phone anytime. This means even if you have nothing to do with your phone and it still has 50-60% battery left, put it on charging. And Yes! Unplug it before 100%. The best time to charge your battery is when it is below 10%. But, not everyone can wait for the battery to reach 10% to charge it. So, we will advise you to charge your phone whenever you have the charger. ?
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Well, these were a few tips about Phone Charging. If you know some more interesting tips, do let us know via comments section ?


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