April 3, 2020

5+ Best Survey Bypasser Tools / Extension 2019 | Survey Remover

We all use the internet, “www” or the World Wide Web that is the home source of infinite information and millions of image, music, video, and application files and unfortunately, also the home of numerous irritating survey unlocks.

Most of the time, it gets very annoying and irritating to users when surveys pop-up on a website when they are trying to download a file. Here we provide you with some great bypass surveys Chrome and Firefox extensions that can help you skip the bothersome surveys while downloading a file.

How to Bypass Surveys to Download Files

Survey Bypass Extensions for Google Chrome

Surveys on a website might delay the download and irritate many web users, the purpose behind those surveys is mostly to extract research information or reviews about a product.

The surveys might help an organization in their social experimentation work, smoothen the website experience for the users or help the manufacturers in improving a market product. Thus, under no circumstances, this article labels surveys as worthless or represents them in a negative light, bypassing surveys depends upon the user’s sole discretion.

Let’s begin the list of most productive and top-rated Google Chrome extensions to bypass survey downloads. Click on the name of the respective extension to download the extension.

#1 ShareCash

ShareCash Google Chrome extension is a powerful tool that has been programmed to bypass ShareCash case studies present on any website.

In order to download a file using this extension, open the ShareCash survey unlock application and enter the URL of the file. The review or survey will be automatically blocked and you can download the file immediately.

#2 Bypass Survey

Bypass survey is another extension tool that can be installed on your Google Chrome browser to bypass web surveys. You can dodge or skip case studies or reviews or any other such pop-ups that appear while downloading a file by installing Bypass Survey extension. In order to skip a survey, simply enter the URL of the file in the extension tool.

#3 XJZ Survey Remover

Small in size and easy to use, XJZ survey remover is a small Google Chrome extension that can skip surveys to download files in a very simple way. It is an easy solution to your “How to download without surveys” query. The plus point of XJZ survey remover is that it can also block surveys on renowned high-ranking sites and on the links or web pages to which you are redirected by social media giants like Facebook.

#4 Survey Remover Tool

Sometimes there are not one but multiple surveys placed on a website that can hurdle the work of the user. Survey Remover Tool disables all the surveys on a website efficiently and enhances the web surfing experience of the user. You can easily download this extension to your Google Chrome by clicking here. To download any file from this tool, again you are required to copy and paste the URL link of the download file.

#5 Smasher Poll

Smasher Poll is designed by a team of top web professionals and programmers who developed who felt the need of developing a tool that can skip unwanted forums or surveys easily. Smasher Poll is a survey unlock extension that does not even require the user to do any registration. Users can simply add this extension to their browser and benefit from it for easy downloads.

#6 All In One Survey Bypass Tool

One of the best survey skipping web extension tools that are available on the internet is All in One Survey Bypass Tool. With the help 4 simple steps, you can easily skip a case study and move on to download your required file or files.

Survey Bypass Extensions for Mozilla FireFox

#7 Redirect Browser

Redirect Browser is a survey bypassing tool that is available as an add-on extension on Mozilla Firefox instead of Google Chrome. Redirect Browser works pretty similar to all other extensions mentioned above and does its job perfectly by directly loading the download file instead of the attached survey.

#8 Do Not Survey

Do Not Survey is a survey bypassing add-on tool that is available for Mozilla Firefox. Users can easily add this extension to their FireFox browsers and enhance their web surfing experience by filtering out all the galling surveys and forms that may appear on a website. The Do Not Survey Firefox extension is also very small in size.

How to Bypass Download Surveys by Using the Extensions Given Above

Users can skip any survey they want by following the steps given below.

Note: Although the steps given below are the same for the majority of survey bypass extensions mentioned above, a few extensions can still have an exception. Read the details of those extension tools to know how to use them properly.

  • Step 1 – Add the extension to your web browser.
  • Step 2  – Click on the extension tool to launch it.
  • Step 3 – Paste the URL link of the file that you are trying to download.
  • Step 4 – Click on the “download” option and your file will be downloaded.

These were the most famous bypass surveys Chrome and Firefox extensions that can be used to skip surveys, forums, etc. All these extensions are designed to enhance your internet surfing experience and are pretty efficient at doing their jobs. Feel free to explore our website to know more.

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