Spotify Premium APK | FREE DOWNLOAD 2019 | [NO ROOT]

The Spotify app is like a one-stop destination for all your music entertainment needs. You can download and install Spotify on your Android or iOS smartphone. For all the music enthusiasts, the latest version of world-renowned Spotify app, Spotify Premium Apk is out.

Spotify boasts an extensive music library of various music genres including jass, indie, country, pop, metal, rock blues, etc. This guide will direct you on how you can install the latest version of Spotify Apk on your android smartphones. For iOS devices, visit Apple App Store.

Spotify Premium APK Download

Spotify in easy terms is the YouTube and Google of songs and music, the biggest search engine to find any song that you want to listen. It is available online as a website and also as a smartphone application on your mobile phones.

As of 2019, Spotify, even after being much hyped on a Global level, does not render its services all over the world. Currently, Spotify apk services are available in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Denmark, Japan, Singapore, Philipines, Austria, Australia, India etc. However, this does not mean that the residents not belonging to these countries would not be able to download and use Spotify.

Spotify Premium is a Spotify mod Apk that unlocks all the restricted features of Spotify which the users are usually required to purchase from Spotify. This apk can be also installed in countries where Spotify isn’t officially available with the help of private VPN services. This guide will also direct you on how to install and activate Hola VPN service on your smartphone, keep reading to know more.

Features of Spotify Premium Mod Apk

With a user-friendly interface and a bug-free design, the team behind Spotify Premium app have spent a lot of time engineering the application flawlessly in order to provide users with a lag-free music listening experience. Here are the features of Spotify Premium app that you can enjoy on your smartphone.

#1 Unlimited Downloads

Ever enjoyed a song playing in your mind day and night? You can actually listen to that song whole day long without caring for data usage with the Spotify Premium free android app which provides its users with the provision for unlimited downloads. Download a song once and listen to it anytime, anywhere.

#2 Easy Playlists

Categorize the songs in your Spotify app according to your recommendations. Separate your party themes from lovely blues by creating unique playlists. You can also share your favorite playlists with your friends or listen to top-rated playlists online.

#3 Shuffle, Seek and Repeat

Play one song on repeat mode or shuffle through a playlist of hundreds of songs. The Spotify Premium app allows its users shuffle, seek and repeat features which are not available on non-premium Spotify app along with many more playback settings and options.

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#4 Storage Friendly

Spotify Premium app accesses the internet to explore a large plethora of songs resulting in no usage of phone storage. Meaning you can listen to hundreds of songs without actually saving them in your smartphones. Only download and save the ones you like the most.

#5 User-Friendly Interface

Before heading the online market, the Spotify Premium app has been completely tested and debugged to ensure the users a smooth user-friendly interaction with an easy to use interface and search options.

#6 Say No to Ads

The mood-ruining ads will no longer wind you up as the new Spotify Premium apk is 100% ads free. No ads, no disturbance, only music, and fun. Now you can listen to your favorite songs totally uninterrupted.

#7 Offline Mode

Go offline with your favorite songs and playlists on Spotify Premium. No more data is required to access Spotify. Keep the music on the go as now you can use Spotify outside your Wi-Fi range too.

#8 Premium Sound Quality

All the music libraries available on Spotify are characterized by premium high definition sounds. All the songs available in the application run on 320 kbps bit-rate which is considered as the highest quality in music.

So, now you know what extra features does spotify premium has but how can you download the Spotify Premium APK?

How to Download Spotify Premium Apk?

Spotify application is available to download on Google Play Store and Apple App Stores in the countries where Spotify is available officially. However, you can use this link to download the Spotify apk if it is not available on Google Play Store and App Store in your nation.

You can also visit Spotify’s Official website on any web browser to get information on Spotify subscription plans or to purchase them. However, the link that we have provided you enables you to download the modded version of the application completely free of cost.

How to Install Spotify Premium Apk?

If you have downloaded the apk file from the link given above then you can follow the steps given below to install the application. Scroll above and click on the link if you are yet to download the application. Follow the steps carefully in order to avoid any confusion.

Steps to Install Spotify Premium

  1. Uninstall any previous versions of Spotify that you have already downloaded and installed on your phone.
  2. Press the home button and go to file-explorer or file-manager on your smartphone.
  3. Locate the directory address where you downloaded and saved the application.
  4. Extract the file using any file-extractor. Remember the path in which you are extracting the application as you will require to access it later.
  5. Surf to the new path and tap once on the application.
  6. The android installer will launch, asking you for permissions.
  7. Give the application all the required permissions and then the installation process will begin. Be patient while android installer installs the application as this might take some time.
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Once completed, you have successfully installed Spotify Premium on your android smartphone and can listen to thousands of songs and music.

Setting up Spotify on your Smartphone

You have successfully downloaded and installed Spotify Premium apk on your smartphone. It is the time to launch the application and set up Spotify for first-time use. Follow the steps given below to set up the Spotify Premium application on your smartphone:

  1. Press back or home button.
  2. Press the menu option if your android smartphone runs on Stock Android or locate the Spotify application on the home screen if your smartphone runs on an Android skin like MIUI.
  3. Tap on the Spotify Premium app icon and the application will launch.
  4. Once launched, the application will ask you to log in or create a new account.
  5. Login to your Spotify account if you already have one or create a new one. You can also log in via FaceBook or your Google account.
  6. Enter your email ID and password if you are creating a new account and you are done setting up the application.

Now you can access the thousands of songs available on Spotify anytime.

Unable to Install Spotify? / How to Activate VPN

As the availability of the official Spotify application is currently limited to only a few countries, you might like to install the application using a VPN service. A VPN service will allow you to access the application in countries where Spotify still isn’t available. You can download any VPN server in order to use the Spotify app or use the most recommended one which is Hola VPN. Follow the steps given below to set up the VPN on your smartphone device.

  1. Press the home button and locate the Google Play Store on your Android home screen.
  2. Launch Google Play Store and in the search bar type Hola VPN.
  3. The search results will load, tap on Hola VPN option and press the ‘Install’ option.
  4. The application will begin to download and install automatically when the download is complete.
  5. Press the home or back button again and locate Hola VPN app icon on your smartphone once you have successfully installed the application.
  6. Launch Hola VPN application. The terms and conditions page will load. Press the ‘I Got It’ option to continue.
  7. Go to Hola VPN settings.
  8. Select the country you want to set as your network’s location.
  9. Select the Spotify app in Hola VPN and you are ready to use the Spotify Premium app.

These were the steps to install and activate Hola VPN in order to access the Spotify app in countries where its services are still not available.

Difference between Spotify and Spotify Premium Apk

You might wonder what are the advantages of Spotify Premium app over Spotify. The Spotify Premium application package is a modded application which has two major benefits over Spotify:

  • Free of cost premium features of Spotify available – The Spotify Premium app unlocks all the restricted features and options for Spotify users. Users then are able to experience the same Spotify experience but without fun-ruining advertisements with access to many other features like Shuffle, Offline music, 320 kbps bit-rate quality, etc.
  • Available in Many Countries – Although the official Spotify application on the Android marketplace might be restricted to some countries, the Spotify Premium free download application is easily available to download in most countries of the world.
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About Spotify

Spotify application is an intermediary of Spotify AB corporation headquartered in Stockholm in Sweden. The company was founded by Daniel Ek on 23 April 2006 which first acted as online music streaming platform. The initial release of Spotify mobile application was done on 7 October 2008 which turned out to be a big success. As of November 2018, Spotify was available in total 78 countries with millions of subscribers all over the world.

The application is available to download on many hardware devices like Android, iOS, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, Roku streaming devices, Amazon Fire Stick, Samsung Smart TV, etc.

Spotify is also renowned to pay royalties to the artists depending upon the proportion of the playtime of their songs to total streaming duration on the Spotify platform. The three available subscription packages that Spotify offers to its users are Spotify Free, Spotify Premium and Spotify Family out of which only Spotify Premium and Spotify Family are enabled with offline access to music.


If there are any doubts and questions arising in your mind regarding the installation or download of Spotify Premium Apk, feel free to go through the FAQs given below:

  • Can I Install the application on any android device?
    Yes, the application given in the link shared above can be downloaded on any Android device.
  • Is the Spotify Premium Application Legal?
    The Spotify Premium application is a modded version with all the documents. Royalties are paid to every artist that you listen to on the application. However, you can also subscribe to Spotify on their official website to support the developers.
  • Which is the Best VPN to Use for Spotify?
    You can use any working VPN connection to use the Spotify Premium APK. Scroll above to know how to install and activate Hola VPN to use Spotify on your smartphone.
  • Can I Download the Application on Mobile Network?
    Yes, you can download the application on both Wi-Fi and Mobile Network.
  • Can I Use the Application on Mobile Network?
    Yes, you can use the application on both Wi-Fi and Mobile Network.
  • How much Speed is Required to Use the Spotify Application?
    A minimum speed of 512 kbps is required in order to use the Spotify application and stream music online.
  • Will playlists Delete if I Uninstall the Application?
    No, the playlists will not delete if you uninstall the application as they will be saved in your app profile which you can access the next time you install the application on your smartphone or on any web browser.

Spotify’s popularity is increasing in many countries day by day and the company’s official efforts are to increase its services all over the world. In a country like India, Spotify can face a tough challenge from other music streaming platforms like Wynk, Saavn, and Gaana but for now, Indian music-lovers can download and use the modded Spotify application for free till the company officially enters the Indian Android market.

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