Snapchat to Buy Vurb For Over $110 Million!

Companies try to be ahead of their competitors and they do many crazy things for this. As an example, Microsoft bought LinkedIn, Verizon bought Yahoo, Facebook bought WhatsApp etc. Another company is now going to be added to this buy-sell list and that’s the popular app – SNAPCHAT! Well, Snapchat is now going to buy a company whose name is very much new for a lot of people. The company is going to acquire Vurb, the recommendation app. So, it will be paying more than $110M to Vurb! ?


Vurb is a company that aims to provide a great mobile search experience. It is a 5-years old company. Snapchat turned down a $3 billion acquisition bid from Facebook in 2013 and after that, the company has made huge progress in 3 Years. It has now over 150M daily users which is a really big number!

But, the biggest issue faced by any new Snapchat user is its complex interface. At first instant, no one will be able to know what to do after logging in! For this reason, most of the new users leave this social media platform. But, the company has now realized this and that’s why they’re acquiring Vurb. As mentioned before, Vurb is a recommendation app and it can help a lot in searching the accounts that are worth following.

As per ‘The Information’, Snapchat will buy Vurb for $110M+. 75% of the money will be given in stock whereas 25% in cash. No official words have been said by both companies about the deal but a person indulged in the deal has revealed this stuff! So, will be seeing a ‘new’ Snapchat is coming days? Do let is know via comments. ?

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