Small Battery and Larger Capacity!?

Does your smartphone last throughout the day on one single charge? Or do you face low battery issues just like everyone else?
If you’re a victim to low smartphone battery life, or you suffer from nomophobia then worry no more as a company named SolidEnergy may just have found the solution to all of your problems.

These MIT researchers turned entrepreneurs have something that will drastically increase your future phone’s battery life.
Significant developments are going on this field, and we often get to hear many research discoveries which shall help solve this never ending problem.But, in the end, they never reached the consumer’s hands.

You already might be wondering now, how these people will produce a battery which shall last twice as long as your regular Li-ion battery.

Lithium is reactive substance.In fact, it is so reactive that it can store a lot more energy when compared to other materials.
Instead of having one electrode made up of carbon and another made up of lithium, the folks at SolidEnergy are incorporating the use of pure lithium metal, thus making it much more energy efficient.
This produces a chemical reaction but, they’ve got a solution for this as well.The company shall use a different type of electrolyte which doesn’t react with lithium.

As the graphic suggests, the first of these batteries are expected in drones, later this year. Wearables, cell phones, and other consumer electronics should get these type of batteries if they get a good response.

In simple words, all this means that the manufacturers will cut the size down and give you a smaller battery, but it will last the same amount of time as your usual Lithium-ion battery lasts.
This means companies shall produce more sleek and thinner devices which will be lighter in weight.

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So, what do you think about this technology? Do let us know your thoughts.

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