Slidenjoy Review : Your Solution to Multiple Laptop Screen Setup!

You are a gamer, designer, tech geek, Entrepreneur or a Developer. At some point in your life, you would have wished if you can have multiple monitors on your PC or possibilities are that you even own one for your computer. With computers being stationary, you can afford to have adapters around and power supplies for those additional monitors.

But what if you were to add an extra monitor to your laptop, read more to know:

Sounds a bit weird right! You might think of possibly carrying additional screen with its dock, adapters, and power supply so that you can connect the laptop to those multiple monitors. But what’s the point of when it creates more of inconvenience rather than being helpful with your laptop?

But as we all say, there’s some solution for everything

Slidenjoy is the answer if you feel the need for multiple screens on your laptop. A 15mm thin panel that fits right behind your laptop and sticks with each other using eight round string magnets. It weighs not more than 1 kilogram. With the 1080p HD display. It works on USB 3.0 or USB type-c which not only help you to project or add the screen for your laptop but also provides it with the power to run on. It’s as simple as sliding the screen from the panel that is attached to your laptop which can not only provide you with two more additional monitors but also turns 180 degrees.

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Slidenjoy working and principle.

It works on the principle of SoC with the help of DisplayLink. It provides solutions for portable and USB monitors. From various chipset provided by DisplayLink, Slidenjoy uses DL 4120 chipset. DL 4120 chipset uses a USB 3.0 for power and video which processes through the High Integration DL 4120 IC which then processed to LVDS or eDP monitors. It’s also available in different variants like 13″, 15″ and 17″ with options to select from ABS, Premium, and limited edition. Also it available in wide range of colors and finishes to choose from.

Are others using it?

YES! Slidenjoy is being used by thousands of people across the globe. In fact, when Slidenjoy came on Kickstarter, people, just like us, were excited with this new concept.

If you don’t know what Kickstarter is, then Kickstarter is a crowd funding website where companies show interesting case products before releasing to the mainstream market. In a way, the companies test their product and take feedback from people who buy this on Kickstarter. But, Slidenjoy has been so successful that people have contributed a whopping €600,514 as opposed to the goal set by them, which was €300,000.

This figures alone show that people like this product and the product is successful in the market.

Review from a Designer’s perspective:

When we gave Slidenjoy to one of our graphic designers, he was skeptical at first. He does photoshop editing and motion graphics at the same time.

He got used to the screens within two days, and it has multiplied his productivity. He does multitasking, and the work is completed even fast.

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Editing a logo on one side and editing a video on the other, Editing couldn’t be much easier, Thanks to Slidenjoy.

Review from a Typist perspective:

Yes, We thought, why not give Slidenjoy to a typist instead. The results were astonishing. The document is edited and typed almost at the same time. Instead of spending time for typing and more time for editing, The documents are now simultaneously edited by a different person and typed by a different person. Thanks to the flexible screens, typing and editing is a simultaneous process now.

Thus, saving more time and completing more work in less time frame.

Office conferences got a lot easier, thanks to Slidenjoy. Let’s suppose; you’re a group of colleagues inside the meeting room. You’re trying to put your point forward but, you want to show it to your team before the presentation. Instead of passing your laptop to different people, It can now be in the same position, with the other dual screens extended towards your colleagues. In fact, our roundtable conferences have become much easier with Slidenjoy.

The best part is, our designer, our typist and we got laptops with different screen size, and we’re glad that Slidenjoy had a solution for this. Slidenjoy is available in 3 sizes suitable for different screen sizes. Coming in 13, 15 and even 17 inches.

It is easy to use, adaptable to various conditions and is light weight. Apple users, don’t go anywhere as Slidenjoy supports both Macbook and Windows.

Looks are another factor; we kept in mind.  That is why Slidenjoy is available in a ton of colors, textures, and finishes to choose from. It is one of the best conversation starters too!

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If you want to buy the Slidenjoy monitor, you can back the Kickstarter project on the official website or order it directly via While it’s too early to conclude if it’s worth buying these monitors because there are multiple factors which are yet to be cleared. Since it’s not yet available to consumers, we don’t know what all problem you can face for things like convenience, portability, ease of use and so on. So if you are interested in buying one, we would rather recommend holding your hearts until it reaches the consumers and we get to about the cons which should not impact the user experience.
What do you think about slidenjoy monitors, let us know in the comments down below.

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