How to see in Chrome for Android the passwords you have saved

One of the good options, not the only one, offered by the Chrome browser for Android is the ability to store the passwords of the websites where you have an account (and you can even import this information from the computer version). Well, now you can see the data you have saved so that you can keep track of if there are any changes in the configuration.

So far if you wanted to do this you had to resort to the web tool that was present in Google, which worked better in the desktop version of this work, but this has changed. Now, thanks to the arrival of the latest version of Chrome for Android you can see this information directly in the development we are talking about, so everything is much simpler and more convenient (and, in addition, it is possible to manage this information anywhere if you have the application and Internet connection).

By the way, although it is somewhat complicated if you have an Android terminal, you may not use Chrome. If so, we recommend that you do so since its operation is very efficient (it does not lag behind the trial version of Microsoft’s Edge, by the way). Here you can download it:

The truth is that it is the simplest to be able to review all the passwords that are stored in your account when you use Chrome for Android. Simply, you must select the section Settings in the drop-down that appears when you click on the icon with three vertical points that are at the top of the interface. There, then, to access the list, you must select Save password.

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Here is a slider first with which you indicate that you want this information stored in the Chrome browser for Android. You must have it activated, of course. If you look at the bottom is the list of all the websites that have a username and password that you have indicated that you want the information in question to be remembered. Now, if you click on each one of them, you can see everything from a clearer signature – both the page and the associated account – and if you want you can eliminate all this from the database.

The truth is that, without being an addition that is the most striking we have seen, it does add more functionality to the version of the Chrome browser for Android, and this does nothing more than add to all the positive things it offers and, therefore, is the development of this type most used in the world today.

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