Samsung Patents Foldable Screens!

After a series of weird phones like the ghost phone, we’re not yet done!
A new phone is being added to this list.

It’s being launched by none other than your favorite company Samsung.
Yes! According to rumors, Samsung will reportedly be launching a foldable screen floating display smartphone. It’ll be named as the Galaxy X.

Another Galaxy?
Samsung has so many galaxies that I doubt our universe has that many.

Jokes apart,
Samsung is known for launching smartphones which have spectacular display clarity.It’s signature AMOLED displays are known to have higher pixel density and more power efficient.

The company is also known for being the first one to launch the Edge/Curved Displays to enhance the viewing angles.

Now, Coming to the interesting part, Samsung is patenting almost every design and shape possible and achievable with the foldable displays.It can be vertical, horizontal or even sideways and almost everything in-between.

This shows that Samsung is investing in more R&D and trying to bring in more innovation into the industry.

This illustration by Patently Mobile shows how cleverly Samsung has managed to bring this technology not only to its smartphone range but also to its tablet range of devices as well.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung should be ready with its foldable devices before 2017 as it’s going to take on the iPhone 8 which according to rumors is also said to contain a flexible display.

Will Samsung prove once again to be the industry’s pioneer by being the first to launch a foldable display?

It’s a good news for consumers especially people who tend to have buttery fingers and break their devices due to slippery hands. As 90% of today’s problems is dealing with a broken screen of your mobile, this news should be relieving.

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Just when we thought the innovation has stopped in the mobile industry LG and Motorola proved us wrong by launching its range of Modular devices namely LG G5 and Moto Z respectively.

This brings us to a question,
Is Modular Phone the new cool ? or will it be the Foldable range of devices by Samsung ? or probably a combination of both?

Questions are many & rumors are many, But one thing is for sure that this industry is getting way more exciting and progressive day by day.

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