How to Record Better Audio On Your Phone or Tablet

Almost everybody has some form of tablet and/or smartphone these days, and they are more powerful than the computers we had just 20 years ago! On our pocket devices, we can do everything from checking the news to mobile banking to recording video and audio! Modern devices, whether android or Apple, have numerous real world applications that can be accessed within seconds, and the recording quality continues to improve. There are many different reasons to record audio, whether this is an interview or a snippet of a concert, an interview, a song idea  or a lecture at university; we can easily take our smartphone and capture on the go. The fact that it is always on our person means it is easier than ever to get great quality recordings. In order to achieve better results, here are some of the things you can do to record better audio on your phone or tablet:


There are a number of apps you can use such as RecForge 2. RecForge 2 is a powerful recording app out there and has tons of features such as pitch control, gain control, tempo control and much more. It is made for longer recordings, especially for music and lectures. The app has a built in editor so you can clip and an edit at will in-app, and has a playback loop for memorization purpose. Alternatively you can use Smart Voice Recorder, it doesn’t have that many features but has gain controls to help you to set the correct level to pick up voices or other sounds properly.

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External Microphones:

If the budget allows you to, you can get an external USB microphone that you can plug into your phone to record, such as the Rode smartLav+ which is a lavalier style microphone that works for one on one interview situations and other field style recordings, everything from guitar to recording lectures at college. It is designed to easily hook up to your iPhone or Android device and the plug and play capability makes it a simple but effective option. I couldn’t believe the quality when I first heard that this was an option for recording.

Recording tips:

If you’re not looking to go through the process of investing in hardware, then you can use the standard recording app your phone has, which is often pretty decent and fine for recording simple things such as a voice memo. First of all, put your phone on Airplane mode where there’s no sound of notifications bleeping midway to interrupt your recording, so you can have a clean recording session with no interruption. Secondly, you can use scotch tape and place it over your mic, and that makes the task of recording in loud situations such as concerts easier and more clearer, they are less likely to distort – In loud situations there will be no distortions interrupting your recording session. Make sure there are no bubbles or seams in the edges of the tape that might leak higher-volume sounds. If you have the opposite problem and are in a quiet situation, an app with gain controls can make the recording volume higher and ensure you are getting clarity. It is always best to get closer to your subject if you can, but sometimes this isn’t possible.

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Ben is a blogger and technology lover from the UK who runs a website about music technology and recording techniques.

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