April 3, 2020

5 Reasons To Buy A Chromebook! 💻

After PC’s and Laptops, Chromebooks are becoming more and more popular because likewise laptops, they can be used as secondary PC! A lot of users are now buying budget-friendly Chromebooks. And what’s more! The newly launched Chromebooks support Android apps even! Well, if you are thinking why buying a Chromebook is a good choice, here are the reasons for it –



You don’t need to worry about Hard Disks and Storage Space:

Probably this may sound weird as the Chromebooks come with only 16 or 32GB storage, which is considered good for smartphones but not for PCs! But, no need to take tension for the hard drive as most of the files and documents are stored in Google Drive ( Google Cloud Storage). Cloud storage is very helpful as the user can retrieve the data from anywhere through the internet! Same is the case for Photos too as there is ‘Google Photos’ for this job which provides unlimited storage!

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Perfect if You are a Google Suite User

If you’re one of those people who prefer Google services for E-mail, Calendar, Chatting, Cloud Storage and more, then the Chromebooks are for you! In simple words, Chromebook OS is just a modified version of the Google Chrome Browser. This means all the Google Services will work on it! You just need to enter a Google Account and that’s it! You can then use any of the Google Services.


This is one of the best reasons to buy a Chromebook. It cost just about $250-$500! The laptops, on the other hand, are about twice more expensive and Macbooks 5 times more expensive than the Chromebooks! And keep in mind that low price doesn’t mean that Chromebooks are not good at features. Manufacturers like HP, Asus, and Samsung have launched great Chromebooks so far!
In case you want a high-end Chromebook then we will recommend the Google Chromebook Pixel, which costs around 1000$ or 60,000 Rupees. But honestly saying, you don’t need to spend such hefty amount of money as you can experience all the Chromebook features by spending less money!

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Chromebooks are available in almost all sizes. Hence, you can easily get them to your desired size! Asus Chromebook Flip is a great option if you want the experience of a Chromebook as well as a tablet. It has a touchscreen and it can be folded all the way back to use it as a tab!

Supports Android Apps Too

Probably a unique feature of the Chromebook is that they now support Android apps too! The new Chromebook OS update will be released this year by which the users will be able to download Android apps on Chromebooks via Play Store!

So, this was a short list of the reasons why Chromebooks are a good choice to buy! We hope you’ll like the article.

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