Putlocker is Dead? | 5 Best Alternatives to Putlocker

In the world of streaming platforms, the major ruling streaming service giants like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or Showtime Anytime sometimes go totally out of budget for the users sometimes. During such times, the free entertainment system Pulocker helps many users in streaming their favourite shows. This guide will teach you what you can do when Putlocker is dead or when Putlocker is not working.

Started in the year 2012, Putlocker is a UK based website that is the home of thousands of movies and TV show indexes. Users can stream their favourite media in qualities up to 1080p and 720p totally free of cost.

In order to access Putlocker you are required to create your Putlocker account and verify with your credit or debit card, however, you would be never required to make any purchases using your card.

Putlocker Not Working, What to Do?

The Putlocker website sometimes may fail to work or load on your computer. This can be either due to some issues on your end or sometimes due to technical issues present on the Putlocker site. Check whether the website is working on some other device, if it is not working, below are some top Putlocker alternatives that you can use to stream movies when Putlocker is dead.

Top Putlocker Alternatives in 2019

Without much ado, let us begin our list of the top Putlocker alternatives that are available on the internet to stream when Putlocker is not working.

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#1 Popcornflix

As the name describes, Popcornflix can be your best partner to watch various movie shows and TVs. Popcornflix is the home to thousands of action, adventure, romance, horror, thriller, sci-fi, mystery and many other category TV shows and movies that are ready to be streamed in HD and Full HD quality.

Popcornflix.com is a top Putlocker alternative which was in fact founded even before Putlocker in July of the year 2010. You can stream all movie shows, TV series and extras on Popcornflix in their original languages.

For easy search options, just like Putlocker search options, Popcornflix also has several movie genres listed on their website which you can surf to explore many great movies.

#2 Los Movies

Los Movies is another video streaming alternative that you can visit when Putlocker is down. Los Movies is the home of all the latest and popular movies like Small Foot, Venom, Ralph Breaks The Internet, etc. and also has a plethora of old and good classic Hollywood blockbusters.

You can visit Los Movies today and find a long catalogue of thousands of thousands of hit TV shows and movies ranging from action and adventure to romance and comedy.

Putlocker not working? Make Los Movies your best choice as an alternative for streamimg your favourite TV shows and movies in HD and Full HD video quality.

#3 Solarmovie

Solarmovie is one of the top Putlocker alternatives that can be used to watch new movies and TV shows. Solarmovie has a very user-friendly interface with latest and top-rated movies featured on the homepage. You can suffer through many genres like action, horror, mystery, crime, romance, fantasy, sci-fi etc. on Solarmovie.

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Some of the top rated movies on Solarmovie are Robin Hood, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Widows, Night School, Twisted, Small Foot, Venom, The Predator, Kin, Halloween, etc. that are available to watch in high quality. When Putlocker is dead, Solarmovie can be another great movie streaming platform that you can visit to stream your favourite TV shows and movies.

#4 YesMovies

YesMovies gained quick popularity all over the world for its amazing and crunchy entertainment shows and movies. When Putlocker is not working, Putlocker lovers can also use YesMovies for their entertainment.

You can stream and download movies from YesMovies totally free of cost. No registration is required from the user’s side in order to access and watch any TV show or movie on YesMovies.

There are many genres available on YesMovies in 720 and 1080p movie quality like action, comedy, romance, horror etc. that users can access at just one click of their mouse. Currently, some of the countries where YesMovies is available to stream are China, France, UK, USA, India, Korea, Canada, etc.

#5 FMovies

Still Putlocker not working? The last alternatives is FMovies in our Top Putlocker alternative list that also does not require you to sign up or register for watching any movie you want. You can also enjoy any movie of your choice with almost no interruption as FMovies is known for having fewer pop-ups and advertisements than many other Putlocker alternatives.

The qualities in which you can stream your movies are HD and Full HD. Along with streaming the movie, you can also check the IMDB ratings of a particular movie on the site itself and shuffle through various genres and categories of Top TV shows and movies.

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These were some great Putlocker alternatives that can be used when Putlocker is down. With the list given above, may your alternatives for Putlocker search also end. Feel free to explore our website for more tech-tips and such crispy content.

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