Here Are The 3 Best Prisma App Alternatives For Android

After Pokemon Go, the hype of the Prisma App is catching pace. The app has become viral in just few days just like Pokemon Go. But, unfortunately, presently the app is only for iOS and hence the Android users are not happy. In case you still don’t know about Prisma App ( Or if you’re an Internet Explorer User), then let me tell you about this app first. Prisma is actually a photo editing app that isn’t like all the normal photo editing apps out there. Obviously it has some unique features due to which the app has gone viral on social medial. With Prisma, you can actually transform your normal pictures into amazing artworks. The app features a lot of effects that will help you making your own artwork out of your photo. But if you’re an Android user, then you will still have to wait for an Android version because the Prisma app is only available for iOS. Again, you don’t need to worry because here we are with the 3 Best Prisma App Alternatives for Android ?

Well, we decided to share only 3 apps because more apps mean more confusion to select between the best ones. All the three apps listed  below are great of you want the same ( at least the same) effects like Prisma App. So, let’s begin with the list ?

TOP 3 Prisma App Alternatives

1. PicsArt –

PicsArt is one of the most popular photo editing app on Android .Well, it is one the #1 position due to the features it offers. First of all, this app os absolutely free but yes, you have to spend a few bucks of you shop for some editing stuff. Anyways, coming to the effects, we will be talking about the ‘Artistic’ section in the ‘Effects’ option. There you will find some cool effects like Polygon, Cartoon, Oil, Poster, Shear, Motion and much more.

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Also, as said before there is a lot more to offer as the app comes with collage maker, brushes, lens flares etc. . Well, this not only makes it one of the best Prisma App Alternatives but also one of the best photo editors. So, if you’re looking for the best Prisma App Alternative then surely PicsArt should be your first choice ?

2. PhotoLab –

PhotoLab is all about various effects but if you want to have Prisma App like effects then you can surely find them in the ‘Artistic’ section. Talking about the effects , there are over 500 different effects in this app. PhotoLab is amazing if you want professional effects on your photos, just like Photoshop.

Other features of this app are frames, collage and face photo montages. Anyways, the effects that you will get in the ‘Artistic’ section are pointillism drawing, antique oil painting, charcoal drawing, pen and ink, fusion painting, plumbago and much more. Also, the app is totally free to download but of you want some more effects, you have to send $2.99 for the PRO version. ?

3.Superphoto –

This app has enormous number of effects whose number is in thousands! Also, Superphoto is all about effects. If you want a lot of artistic effects like Prisma then Superphoto is surely a great app ?

Unfortunately the app takes much time to process a photo unlike Prisma which does the same in seconds. The app lets you customize various effects like customizing picture size, adjusting smoothness, intensity etc. The free version comes with over 500 effects. But, if you want more then the PRO version is for you. Well, the premium version will cost you $2.99 and in turn give you 1500+ effects. So, Superphoto is also one of the best Prisma App Alternatives. ?

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Well, this was all about this list. We have included just 3 apps because we think that these are the best prisma app alternatives out there. Anyways, if you know any other app that should be added to this list then do let us know via comments section ?

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