Prisma For Android is Now Official!!

Just a few days back, Prisma released its Beta app for Android users. But since it was a beta app, it didn’t last long. The app was only released to test it on Android devices. After a day or two , the app stopped working and showed the message to wait for the official app. So, Prisma for Android is finally official! The developers of this app said that the android version has got all the features seen on the iOS one so it is really a good news. ?


Amazingly, the app got over 10 Million downloads on iOS and with this app, over 400 Million images were edited! Isn’t that amazing? Well, now it’s the time for Android users to try their hands on the official Prisma for Android app. The app is now available on Play Store for Android 4.1 and up.


The app transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists: Munk, Picasso as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art.

One more interesting thing is that, the app got its first update few hours after the official launch for Android. You can download the app for free on Play Store. One thing is true for this app –

Prisma has taken Photo Editing to a new level!

So, what do you think? Will it be popular on Android as it is on iOS? Let us know your opinions in the comments section ?

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                                          DOWNLOAD PRISMA  APP FROM PLAY STORE

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