The performance of the Nokia 8 battery will surprise you

The former owner of the telephony market wants to return after his disastrous pact with Microsoft. Nokia has opted for Android to re-emerge from its ashes as a phoenix and is getting it to blow to present a complete solution with that characteristic resistance that so much boasted its main models. Today we want to talk about the battery of Nokia 8, the latest phone presented by the Finnish firm and offering a very good performance.

For this reason, a series of tests have been carried out that show that the autonomy of the Nokia 8 has nothing to envy to heavyweights like the Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel 2 or the iPhone 8. The secret of your success? your processor.

The battery of the Nokia 8 promises not to leave you lying in the worst moment

The latest terminal introduced by Nokia has a 5.3-inch LCD with QHD resolution along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. This SoC is manufactured in a 10-nanometer process which makes it significantly more efficient and consumes fewer resources, allowing better optimization of the Nokia 8 battery making its performance much better than the phone with Snapdragon 821 processor.

And that is that its battery of 3.090 mAh has endured almost 9 hours with a single charge, a result that guarantees that the phone will endure without problems a full day without needing to reload it.

Anyway, if you wake up in the morning and realize that the battery of your Nokia 8 is shaking you can rest easy: its powerful system of rapid loading next to the charger of 18W promise that in only 10 minutes you have 36 percent of the charged phone.

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In just half an hour you will have 50 percent, while if you want to load it completely you will have to wait two hours and eleven minutes. A really good figure and demonstrates the good work done by the Nokia team to make the Nokia 8 battery stand out from its competitors.

From what we have seen, the Nokia 8 battery will guarantee a day and a half of autonomy without too many problems. However, keep in mind that this aspect is very variable because depending on the use we give the terminal, especially if we use video games that require a large graphics load or applications that spend a lot of resources, the autonomy of the Nokia 8 will suffer.

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