How Businesses can Key into PDF Encryption

Today’s world requires that information is very well protected from the preying eyes of people who would likely use them for something negative. For example, lets’ assume you have a sensitive PDF document and you do not want anyone to print, edit or even copy part of the content. Then what do you do? In this situation, your best bet is PDF encryption which will prevent unauthorized persons from accessing these sensitive PDF documents and this is the best way to protect them.


There are some ways to encrypt PDF but I am going to recommend 3 easy ways below.
PDFelement: The first on the list is Wondershare PDFelement. It is the most cost-effective tool that can be used for PDF encryption. It boasts of a great user-friendly interface with a superb ability for password creation and thus restricting access to printing, editing as well as modification of PDF files. Besides, the PDFelement comes in handy for many other functions applicable to PDF and that is why it is very cost-effective. Also note that it is also one of the easiest to use.

ONLINE: A quick search online will show a lot of tools that can be used for PDF encryption. While you can use these tools, it is important to note that some risks exists using them. The privacy and security of your PDF documents may be jeopardized and this is a cause for concern. Even though, they can be free to use, however, there is a risk of a data security breach.

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ACROBAT: This is another good way for PDF encryption. It is a very capable tool and can also do so many other functions as regard PDF files. Like PDFelement, it also has a good user-friendly interface. However, one thing you must note about the Acrobat is that it is expensive unlike the PDFelement.

PDFelement : WHAT IT CAN DO ?

Now I’d like to talk about the first choice – PDFelement, what other awesome features we can get from it? Apart for encryption, the following you should know:
Edit Function: Gives you a complete PDF editing tool. You can change text, images etc on your PDF files easily
Convert and Create: Create new PDF files; convert them to and from other popular file formats easily
OCR: A powerful technology that help convert image based PDF into a searchable, selectable and editable document.
Forms: Can create PDF forms easily and also fill out PDF forms comfortably.
It is important to note that a new version of the PDFelement (Windows 5.11.0 &Mac 5.6.0 ) is coming and the good thing is that there are some top class improvements. For example, it boasts of intuitive and fashion user interface, a well-integrated spell checking support . Also,  it is super fast with OCR download made easier. In addition, the new version supports exporting a multiple page PDF to a single image and the move, align and distribute object are done with the help of alignment lines.

PDF encryption remains the best way to protect your PDF files and PDFelement is one of the best ways to achieve that. The good thing is that with the new version coming out, it even makes the whole thing better. Also, do not forget that it is available for Windows, Mac and iOS.

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