One Plus 3 Impressions : It’s About Time!

One Plus is a company whose name no one knew a couple of years before. When the One Plus One was launched, people were like – ‘Are you serious?’. And that was indeed a common response . Reason? The One Plus One was the flagship killer of 2014 and it featured some of the high-end specifications . Those specs were seen only in the premium and expensive devices. But, One Plus thought of going down the track and that’s the reason this company has become so much popular in just 2 years! 2014 was the year of One Plus One 2015 of the One Plus Two. And as this trend continues, 2016’s One Plus device has been finally launched- the ONE PLUS 3!

So, a new phone from not so newly company!One plus has made its name from the previous devices, the One Plus One, and the One Plus 2 because both of them had impressive specs for a small price. And they are back again with the ‘3’!


The design is probably the main thing that has been completely changed. This time, there is no Sandstone back like the One Plus One and 2. Also, there is no Glass Back like the One Plus X. This time, we have a clean Metal body.

So, rather having any plastic or glass finish, the company has now gone to a full metal build. Surely, One Plus fans will miss that Sandstone Texture! The metal unibody of the OnePlus 3 begins with a premium space-grade aluminum alloy, selected for its notable strength, light weight, and premium feel.

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One Plus 3, being just 7.3mm slim, is one of the slimmest flagships in the world. ( That camera bump, though!)Frankly speaking, the back pretty much looks like the HTC M9 but that isn’t a very big issue. Also, the front is almost the same as the One Plus 2 except the fact that the fingerprint scanner is now much rounded and oval shaped (  Meizu? huh!)

The screen hasn’t changed a lot from the One Plus 2 as there is still the 1080p screen ( no QHD!) that is actually an Optic AMOLED display. The pixel resolution is, of course, 1920x1080p and the pixel density is 401ppi. With just 0.755mm bezels, this device is a real beauty. Well, for the protection, there is a Gorilla Glass 4 on the screen!

Although the bezel on the sides of the display could be considered minimal, the overall size of the OnePlus 3 can largely be attributed to the bezels above and below the screen, which are quite large. But anyways, the screen is crisp, bright and the viewing angles are great! ( MKBHD says!).

Performance is one of the aspects for what One Plus devices are well known and One Plus 3 isn’t an exception for sure. The One Plus 3 packs the latest and fastest Snapdragon 820 Chipset and Adreno 530 GPU. For more smooth multitasking you have 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM. Yes! 6GB of RAM. This thing is really awesome because you will hardly get any device with 6GB RAM at this price point.

Storage wise, this smartphone is average because you’re getting 64GB of storage but it isn’t expandable. And that is one of the cons of this device. There is the Oxygen OS based on Android Marshmallow. In case you forgot, One Plus 2 has already got the Marshmallow update. So, there is no compromise in terms of performance and that is a good thing.

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The device packs a 16MP rear camera while an 8MP front-facing camera. OnePlus 3 exude incredible detail and clarity. The exclusive Smart Capture technology makes taking the perfect photo easier and more worry-free than ever before. Electronic (EIS) and optical (OIS) stabilization technologies work in harmony to ensure that pictures and videos are crisp and smooth.

Well, Selfies can be an awkward affair, with all of the arm stretching and face-angling. It’s hard to get everything just right. That’s the Smile Capture comes in. To make things easier, just smile for the camera, and the OnePlus 3’s 8 MP front-facing camera will automatically take the picture for you. Smiles are guaranteed without pressing a single button.


With just 3,000mAh battery +Snapdragon 820 + Adreno 530 GPU + 6GB RAM, can we use the phone even for a whole day? Well, the device has a new ‘Dash Charge’ feature which is pretty similar to what we know as ‘ Fast Charging’.Providing over 60% charge in just 30 short minutes, Dash Charge changes the way we think about convenience.

So, if the battery is running low, you can easily get a good amount of juice with just a charging of 15-30 minutes. That is really a boon for the One Plus 3!


One Plus 3 has got some of the best features available right now. And at such a price tag of $400, this phone is the real flagship! In fact, a flagship phone killing other flagships. Smartphones have gone so good that we now compare them on the basis of what’s wrong with them instead of what’s right with them! But, the One Plus 3 surely nails it!

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“Other smartphones are going modular, flexible , blah blah blah but the One Plus 3 is so damn clean that it is almost boring.”- MKBHD. Well, you can surely check the One Plus 3 review here-

Well, that was everything about the One Plus. Below are the ratings we have given in terms of different features so do check them out! ? Also, click the Buy Now button down below get your One Plus 3!

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