Note 7 Users To Get a Galaxy J Series device until new Note 7s are Available

We all know what Samsung has been managing nowadays. Their best phone of 2016, the Note 7 has been gotten in discussions as the phone has faced burning or exploding occurrences everywhere throughout the world. Likewise, it can’t be only a fortuitous event that the gadget exploded because a lot of Note 7s exploded in recent month. Along these lines, Samsung has now reviewed all the Note 7 units from everywhere throughout the world. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about those 900$ that clients have spent? All things considered, today the organization has propelled a Product Exchange Program under which the Note 7 proprietors will get a Galaxy J-series device until they get another (and safe) Note 7.

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Here is everything about the exchange program on the company’s official website :

In response to our recent announcement regarding battery cell issues with the Galaxy Note7, we are advising that you power down your Note7 and exchange it now, as part of our U.S. Product Exchange Program for all Galaxy Note7 owners. We strongly advise all customers to use this exchange program because your safety is our top priority. Additional sales and shipments of the affected devices have been stopped, but if you already have a Galaxy Note7, we strongly advise that you replace it.

Through the U.S. Note7 Exchange Program, you can:
*Exchange current Galaxy Note7 device with a new Galaxy Note7 (pending CPSC approval). Until the time of approval, select carrier and retail outlets will provide customers, who prefer a replacement Note7, with a Samsung J Series loaner phone to use until new Note7s are available.
*Exchange current Galaxy Note7 for a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge and replacement of any Note7 specific accessories with a refund of the price difference between devices.
We know this exchange is an inconvenience, so you will also receive a $25 gift card, in-store credit or bill credit from select carrier retail outlets when participating in the U.S. Note7 Exchange Program.

Well, if you own a Note 7 then I will suggest you to give it back to the company because Samsung itself has warned the users.If you are curious to know why these explosions are occurring, then you can check this post.



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