“Iris Scanner has surely got some limitations!”

Well, Just a week is left now for the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. One of the most hyped features of the Note 7 is the Iris Scanner, which the company is going to add for the first time in its any device. Of course, we have already seen this technology before in many handsets from other manufacturers but you know what, Samsung is one of its kinds. Samsung’s engineering abilities cannot be doubted that’s why it is expected that we will surely see an improved Iris Scanner on the Note 7 than what we’ve seen in other devices! ?

BTW, a couple of days ago, the official Note 7 wallpapers were leaked by Sir Hydarnes and guess what, he is back with another leak. This time, the whole settings of the Iris scanner along with its limitations have been leaked. Pictures say better than words so you better take a look at the limitations below!

Security Settings on the left while Iris Scanner Limitations on the right

Yes, the limitations aren’t just 3 or 4. There is a long list of them so you better read them before trying your hands on the Iris Scanner. Another leaked screenshot reveals the Iris Scanner setup tips.

Quick Setup huh!


Along with the Iris Scanner settings, we have the S-Pen and Edge Screen features leaked too. Again thanks to Sir Hydarnes. A screenshot reveals the Air command menu of the S-Pen with some the features you maybe be familiar with.The features include Action Memo, Smart Select, Screen Write , S Note etc. You’ll see a new feature also called ‘Glance’. These are the main features of S-Pen but there are a lot more. One of them includes recording particular section of the screen and creating GIFs on the go!

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Ah! Those familiar features..


Well, this was a feature that a lot of Note users were missing and finally, we have it. The users will be able to arrange the apps alphabetically, which I think is a better way to arrange them as compared to default ‘Note style’. We’ve some new app icons also with new interface for sure ?

It’s back ! Finally..

Also, a couple of screenshots reveal some app interfaces which look new and more materialistic.


Edge Features !

Indeed we got a lot of details leaked today and we can surely hope for more. Which feature is, according to you most exciting? Iris Scanner , Edge Screen or anything else? Do let us know via comments section ?