Note 7 Iris Scanner Confirmed, accessories also Listed before launch !

Now with the leaks going on continuously, we are knowing more and more details about the new note series succesor. Also, there is no doubt in the name as the company has already revealed officially the name and the launch date. So, the next Note will be called the Note 7 and it will be launched on August 2nd. Anyways, as we are talking about the features of Note 7 let’s talk about the most interesting one – The Iris Scanner! A lot of leaks have already revealed that this time we will see Iris Scanner on the handset. But, the most hot and fresh leaks have finally revealed the Note 7 Iris Scanner in action. ?


It is said that the Note 7 Iris Scanner will be faster than the fingerprint scanner. Now, the fresh images that have leaked show the Iris scanner in action.

The image reveals that the user has to place the device at a length of 25-35cm (arm’s length). The face needs to be facing the screen so that the scanner can scan the Eye. You just need to keep the eyes between the two circles on the screen. So, the user needs to keep the eyes in between those two circles till the Scanner properly recognizes the eye.

Also, not only the Iris Scanner but a bunch of other images of the phone  have also been leaked. One of them shows the default boot screen showing the ‘Note 7’ name but without any model number. Anyways the other images show the front side of Note 7. It is also expected that the Note 7 will come up with new and improved S-Pen. It is not yet known whether the Note 7 Iris scanner will work with third party apps or not. But if it works then it will be a lot helpful as the security will be improved a lot. So, what you think? As we have already seen Iris scanner in some devices so Samsung will surely try to add new functionalities along with it.

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Lastly, coming to the second part of this news. Before the official launch on 2nd August, some of the accessories have been listed on a website. As always the accessories listed include Clear View and S-View cases, a Lens cover, and also the Note 7 snap-on physical keyboard. Well, we will be sharing the link of that accessories page at the end so do check that out! Anyways, what you think? Do let us know via comments section ?

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