Note 7 With 6GB RAM gets Certified in China!

Well, what more you expect? This is really amazing! Just a couple days back, the Galaxy Note 7 was launched with 4GB of RAM and other high-end specs that I’m not gonna repeat again. you better check the Note 7 impressions here. Well, despite having those specifications, a lot of users were not happy with Samsung because they wanted a 6GB RAM device. With the official launch of the Note 7, their expectations were ruined by Samsung as the device launched with 4GB RAM. But, time to be happy folks as the Note 7 with 6GB RAM is coming soon. Yes, you heard right! Today, the Note 7 with 6GB RAM has been certified in China and the expectations of a 6GB RAM device from Samsung are up again. ?

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Well, the device got listed on GeekBench and it reveals that the device with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage is going to be launched soon! Not just on Geekbench but the device has been spotted online on the Chinese Industry and Information Technology Ministry. 6GB RAM is something every smartphone manufactuer is introducing in its high-end devices. But mostly, only the Chinese manufacturers have added the massive 6 Gigs of RAM in their devices e.g One Plus, LeEco and Oppo. Another good thing is the internal storage. Last year also, the company launched theNote 5 with 128GB internal storage in South Korea and it won’t be so surprising if Samsung does the same this time also!

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But, the amount of RAM can surely surprise all for sure. It is still doubtful if we will see the Note 7 with 6GB RAM outside China! But, we can surely expect this to happen. Lastly, we will advice you to wait for any official word from the company and take this news with a pinch of salt. ?

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