April 3, 2020

Nokia 2 Price Filtered: which would be less than $120

When we thought we saw all the models of the return of Nokia, this time with Android, we see how there are still two more models that have to be presented yet, at both ends of the range of the Nordic firm. As they are the Nokia 9 from the high end, and their incoming mobile, we now know the price of Nokia 2.

Already in the month of September we knew some of the first photos and render of the Nokia 2, and next to them also ensured that the terminal would have a price of around $100. Now the rumors come directly from the terminal dealers in the United States and tune up a bit more.

The price of the Nokia 2, a basic factor to differentiate

The Nokia 2, of course, will be a terminal of very limited benefits, but sufficient to operate on a day to day basis without major problems. Now we know thanks to a North American distributor what would be the price to reach the market of Nokia 2. This is the retailer B & H Photo, which has already listed on its website the future Nokia 2. And not only limited to it but which has also shown in the description of the phone the alleged model that will have, which will be no other than the  Nokia 2 TA-1035. The model that is listed further specifies that it is black, so these could be the first commercial details of the terminal.

nokia 2 price

But the most important thing is that they also publish the price of Nokia 2, which would be 99 dollars, which to change we get Rupees 6500, a price more than affordable for a phone of this type. Of course, it is possible that these Rupees 6500 become Rupees 7500 with the happy parity of prices with the dollar. Although if we have the difference of price of Nokia 6 in the US store Nokia, which is $ 229, with the India, which is $250, we could understand that we finally find it in India at a price that is around Rupees 7000.

nokia 2 price

The Nokia 2 would feature a five-inch screen with HD resolution, while the processor would be the modest Snapdragon 212, the most basic of the Qualcomm range. The RAM would not give much and would be 1GB, while the internal storage would be 16GB. Although we expect to integrate a 4000mAh battery, we can think that it will be a terminal with several days of autonomy, something certainly important for many users. It is expected to be presented at MWC Barcelona in February, although seen the advancement of Nokia 7, anything could happen.

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