RUMOR : No Moto X Coming this Year!

Moto G 2016 – Checked,  Moto Z – Checked. Moto X 2016 – Nope!
Yes! whatever you just read in the title is true. A lot of Moto users are desperately waiting for the next addition in Moto phone’s repository, the Moto X 2016. We have also gone through a few leaks of the device but today’s news tells a different story! ( Or maybe ‘weird’!) So, is the phone really not going to launch this year? What about previous leaks then? Well, we have answers to these questions so keep reading. 🙂

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MOTO X 2016? NOPE!

A user named ‘HellomotoHK’ on Google+ has revealed that we won’t we seeing any Moto X this year. ‘HellomotoHK’ has previously revealed things that have actually turned out to be true so this time, we can trust on this news.( Not Fully Though!) A couple of days back, a device with model number XT1662 was leaked via GFXBench and it was taken as the upcoming Moto X. But, ‘HellomotoHK’ has said that it isn’t the ‘X’ but rather the yet to be announced Moto ‘M’! The solid reason of this is that the XT1662 runs MediaTek chip which is something odd in the Moto X series. So, it isn’t the ‘X’ for sure.  Here is what ‘HelloMotoHK’ has posted :

And Yes! No Moto 360 this year also! Well, we will know more officially at the pre-IFA event on 31st August by Lenovo. Till then stay tuned and do let us know your opinions through comments section 😀

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