New Teaser Reveals 10x Optical Zoom in Lenovo Moto Z!

We all know ‘Motorola’ is  now renamed be Lenovo as ‘Lenovo Moto’ and the first devices under this naming were launched previous month named as the Moto G4 and G4 Plus. The next device that is in the news is the  Moto Z. There were a lot of leaks ( including some case images) and rumors of this device and today, we have got to know something special about this device and that too, through the official Teaser image!


Well, the latest Teaser image by Lenovo has hinted that the Moto Z will have a 10x Optical Zoom. If you remember, the Asus Zenfone Zoom has 3x Optical Zoom but the Moto Z takes it to a whole new level. Before this teaser image, another image of the device itself was leaked from sides, showing that bug camera bump. It could be due to the 10x Optical Zoom in the rear camera.

Coming back to the teaser image, there is a small poem (Yes! A poem) written in Chinese which when translated to English comes like this-

You can shoot the entire night sky Can also lock a shining star You can take the whole sea Also chasing the rising sun # Let the imagination # Moto 16 magnetic points, with 10 times optical zoom Eternal freeze every extreme beauty #Tech World has come # Let us work together on three-under the stars Let us meet in blue sky

The scenery in the Pocket

As you can read, this clearly mentions the 10x Optical Zoom that the Moto Z will feature. There was also another image leaked showing the sides of the device which also shows that big camera bump.

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Since, the device is tipped to launch on 9th June so everything will be clear today! Yes! Today is the announcement day of the Moto Z Flagship smartphone. So, stay tuned for more updates. What do you think about this device? Let us know via comments section ?

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