How to Make a Minecraft Sever For FREE!

Want to play Minecraft with friends on a server but don’t want to spend money? Here’s the perfect solution using Dropbox and it’s completely FREE too!

What all will you need?

For this tutorial to create a free Minecraft server you will need a few things to start with.

  1. Minecraft for PC
  2. A Dropbox account to upload some server files to it so that you can give other people the access to use your server files. You can create a Dropbox Account from here.
  3. The latest version of Minecraft Server jar.
  4. Hamachi to create a LAN.

All the download links for the things you’ll need are added at the end of the post for your ease. 

Steps to create a Minecraft Server for FREE are as follows:

  1. Download the latest Minecraft jar file from the link provided at the end of the post.
  2. Make a new folder with any random name.
  3. Copy the jar file that you’ve downloaded to the folder that you just created.
  4. Start the jar file by double clicking on it, after a while it will create new files and one of them will be a text file called “EULA“.
  5. Open the file and change “eula=false” to “eula=true“.
  6. Now, open the jar file again and setup the server. Then a window will open that should look like the image below:
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Type “Stop” in the text field which is present at the bottom of the right hand and press Enter to Stop the server 

Now, go to the server folder and right-click on the “” file. Open this file in a text editor. This is where you can customize your Minecraft Server. After opening the file in a text editor it should look like the image below:

Setting up Dropbox for the server:

  1. Download the Dropbox application for your computer
  2. Upload all the contents of the server folder to Dropbox.
  3. Now share the credentials (username and password) of this Dropbox account with your friends.

Whenever you are playing alone, you can fire up the server right from the Dropbox folder and connect to your server.

But there’s a catch,

Dropbox will be able to handle one game editing the server folder but complexities occur when two people are editing the server folder at the same time. Read further if you want to play with your friends in real-time via hamachi.

Playing Minecraft Multiplayer in real-time using Hamachi:

  1. To play with your friends in real-time, you will have to Download Hamachi (Link is provided at the end of the post).
  2. Hamachi allows you to Create Virtual LAN and thus port forwarding is not needed.
  3. Click on “Create a network” and tell your friends to “Join the network”.
  4. Start the server from Dropbox.
  5. Ask your friends to join the Minecraft server from the game.

You should know this before you start playing,

Only one person has to run the server, other people will join the server from the game itself by scanning games running on the LAN. 

Download links: 

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Dropbox For PC Minecraft Server jar Hamachi

This way you can easily create a Minecraft server for free and enjoy Minecraft Multiplayer without having to worry about hassle. Let us know below in the comments section about any issue you are facing.

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