Gorilla Glass 5 : Taking Tough To New Heights!

If you’re a user who’s afraid of breaking your smartphone’s glass or you’re a user with buttery fingers and you tend to drop your smartphone way too often then this news is for YOU!

Gorilla Glass maker , Corning has released the much anticipated newer version of Gorilla Glass that’s the Gorilla Glass 5 .Well, you must admit it’s going to be stronger than ever! It’s thinner , lighter, and more damage resistant than it’s predecessor. ?

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Although there weren’t many devices using the Gorilla Glass 4; But the Gorilla Glass 5 is said to be immune to 80% of the regular drops which include dropping your phone from heights up to 1.6 meters. Well, that is approximately the height of extension of your hand which holds the phone to take a selfie! ?

Corning Gorilla Glass 5 is expected to debut on the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It may also be present on the yet to release Nexus 2016 models. i.e. The Nexus Sailfish and the Nexus Marlin.

Gorilla Glass was first launched for gadgets when Apple requested for a thin toughened glass.It was then used in the new iPhone.By 2010 almost 20% of Electronic Devices around the world were using this technology. That is about 200 million handsets ! ?

Recently Automobile Manufacturer Ford has announced that it’s gonna incorporate Corning’s Gorilla Glass technology in its upcoming model of Ford GT sports car. Corning has Grown so big that the company claims the Gorilla Glass has been used on 4.5 Billion Devices and counting…….

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You can check out the Tests and Ongoing developments on the Gorilla Glass on their Official website. Is your Phone Gorilla Glass Protected ? Did your Phone Crack even after having Gorilla Glass Protection ? Let us Know in the comment section below. ?

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