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We see several new apps being made for various working frameworks yet one noteworthy challenge each application designer countenances is to make the same application for the diverse stage. In short words, cross-platform development is still a challenge for developers. The developer needs to take in all the programming dialect with a specific end goal to build up that specific application for numerous platforms. Since iOS and Android are the top Operating Systems, an app developer tries to make separate versions of the same application for the both operating systems. This is not a simple stuff to do in light of the fact that first he will need to make Android application and afterward do a considerable amount of coding for iOS application too. Be that as it may, the issue has at last been fixed as a tool called MechDome will give you a chance to convert Android applications into iOS or OSX applications! Yes, it is true!


Android Calculator app on iOS

MechDome is actually a California-based startup that developed this amazing tool. You only need to upload an .apk file and then this tool will automatically convert your android app into iOS or OSX app. Here are the main features of this tool :

ANDROID API : Write Activities, Views, Services, Content Providers. Display Toasts, access the network.

FAST : Incredibly fast, fluid experience. Apps can run at full 60 fps.

SECURE : Android apps benefit from the iOS/OSX provided system security. Like other iOS apps, they are automatically configured into a sandbox at install time. OS X sandbox is also configurable.

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NATIVE USER EXPERIENCE : Android apps are fully integrated into iOS and OSX. Android notifications show in the Notification Center, input fields bring up the iOS keyboard, URL Intents go to Safari, the contacts and calendar Content Providers access the iOS/OSX databases, etc.

APP PACKAGES : MechDome generates iOS IPAs and OSX app bundles you can distribute like other apps for those platforms.

UNIVERSAL APPS : Support all iOS devices using Android techniques for multiple form factors.

Well, MechDome has opened the Public Beta program so to you can register that on the official page. The official page says that the company is looking to work with Android app developing companies to make iOS apps for them with this tool. So, try the beta program and convert any Android app into iOS or OSX app. Do let us know your experience with this tool in the comments section. ?

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