As we all know, Technology is advancing at a much faster pace these days. These kinda developments can make a huge impact on the world itself. Space research agencies like NASA are really interested in taking this to the next level that can, in turn, be beneficial for the entire human race. One os the most complicated questions today is –

” Can we live on MARS?”

With that said, Curiosity is by far the perfect answer to this complicated question.Wanna know about it? Well, Curiosity is a car-sized rover designed and built by NASA which was sent to Mars to study and conduct experiments about its atmosphere, climatic conditions, rock components and most importantly if human life was even possible on the red planets. It was launched on November 26th, 2011 and yesterday, it completed its 2nd cycle of Mars! The rover takes short trips around the planet looking for soil and rock samples and examining them with its advanced scientific capabilities.

In fact, Curiosity is so intelligent that it has been designed to think and act by itself. Its design will serve as the basis of the planned Mars 2020 rover.Also, scientists had a thought that Mars had tiny microbes present on their surface, they wanted more details and specifications on this. Curiosity was the answer to their suspicion.  It was launched from planet Earth on the 26th of November, 2011. This Rover was transported to Mars on an Atlas V vehicle ( Rocket ). It took about 9 months for the Rover to reach there.

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As far as the observations and data collected from the Rover go, NASA suspects that there had been early civilizations before even the Earth was completely civilized and was totally destroyed for some reason. But, the quest for finding life forms on the Red Planet won’t end until long.

Meanwhile on Earth, Man has learned to pollute whatever he has and he is basically happy with it. We human beings need to realize that this is home, we don’t have anything better than this out there in the Universe. And if there is anything that is far more superior than Planet Earth, You better don’t go looking for it. Because this is HOME.

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