How to Make Android and Windows Play Together

If you regularly use a PC with Windows 10 and a tablet or phone with Android, there are many Android applications that you can install that allow a fluid exchange of information between both. For example, you can start a quick note on your phone and then finish it on your Windows 10 PC, or you can receive the same alert on both devices for an appointment.

The following Windows 10 friendly Android applications are all from Microsoft – and they are all free. To obtain the type of interoperability described above, you need to be connected in each of the applications with the same Microsoft online account that you use to connect to your Windows 10 computer. Though there are few games on both Windows and Android which support this feature, they are not well optimized. But you can still play casino games on your android device.

  1. Cortana: Synchronize reminders between your Windows PC and your Android device

The Cortana app for Android allows you to create reminders that will synchronize with your Windows PC and send notifications to it. To set a reminder in the Cortana app for Android, just tap the icon located in the lower left part of the main screen of the application (it is the icon of the grid of 9 squares), a touch on the icon ” New reminder ” , write a name for your reminder, and set the time you want to be notified of this reminder, or enter a destination that will activate this notification when you physically arrive at that reminder, or add an image to the reminder. reminder.

Once programmed, the reminder will synchronize with your Windows 10 PC; For example, if you have the Calendar application anchored as a live tile in the start menu, the reminder will appear in the Calendar application tile. And when you click on the time/date icon, in the Windows 10 notification area, the remainder will appear in a list in a side panel below a calendar.

And, yes, this works in reverse: You can schedule reminders on your Windows 10 PC (either through the Calendar or Cortana application) and that will appear on your Android device through the Cortana application.

  1. Cortana: Forwarded notifications from your Android devices to your Windows 10 PC

You can also make notifications that originate on your Android device appear on your Windows 10 PC so you can read them or discard them. These will appear in the Action Center panel of Windows 10, appearing in a list under the name of your Android device as the title of the category.

To activate this function, start the Cortana application on your Android device, one touch on the user icon in the upper right corner, one tap on “Settings “, on the other on “Synchronize notifications “. The first two options allow you to send a notification to your Windows 10 PC for each missed call on your Android phone and alert you when your Android device’s battery is low.

The third is the deepest one – it sends notifications that were received by other applications installed on your Windows 10 PC. One touch to activate this function, then scroll down through the list of applications installed on your Android device and make the change in those who want to send notifications; they will appear in the Windows 10 Action Center.

  1. OneDrive: Access files on your Windows 10 PC from your Android device

You probably already know that Windows 10 comes with OneDrive, the cloud storage service that is fully integrated into the operating system – it is displayed as a folder in the File Explorer. When you drag documents, images or other types of files to it, it will automatically upload them to the cloud.

Android’s OneDrive application allows you to view documents or images contained in your OneDrive folder. (If you tap an image file or PDF in your OneDrive cloud folder, the OneDrive application will load it into its own viewer, if you tap a document, such as a text-only file, or a Word document. , the document will be downloaded to your Android device and the default application you use to view this document format will load it).

You can also program the application to upload photos and videos that you captured with the camera of your Android device, automatically, to your OneDrive folder. You can then access these photos and videos on your Windows 10 PC.

To activate the automatic load (or to make sure it is already active), in the Android application, tap the icon of the three bars in the upper left of the main screen, a tap on the settings icon ( in the bottom right of the panel that slides from the left), and a tap on “Camera upload ” on the next screen.There are also options to charge only through Wi-Fi, to charge only while the Android device is connected, and to include or exclude videos from automatic uploads.

  1. Outlook: Synchronize your calendar events between your Windows 10 PC and your Android device

Obviously, the Outlook for Android application is basically designed to access your email from Microsoft services such as Exchange, Office 365 or (It can also be used with your Gmail or Yahoo Mail account). But the Outlook application also has a calendar tool that synchronizes with the Calendar application on your Windows 10 PC – through it, you can enter appointments and pending reminders in days and times that you select. Both your Android device and your Windows 10 PC will send you alerts as the dates of the events approach.

In the Android application, come to this calendar tool by touching the second icon at the bottom of the main screen. (It looks like the page of a daily calendar, showing the current date, then you must touch the day you want to mark with a reminder of an event (sliding vertically through a list at the top of the calendar, located on the On the next screen, to schedule a new event, you must choose a time and enter the location for the event, as well as enter how long in advance you want to receive the alert. contacts to receive notifications about the event.

In a similar way to the programming of the reminders with the Cortana application. This works in reverse. If you schedule meetings or events in the Calendar application on your Windows 10 PC, you will have alerts on your Android phone through the Outlook application.

  1. OneNote: Synchronize notes from your Android device to your Windows 10 PC

A version of the OneNote application is included in Windows 10. Installing the Android OneNote application on your mobile device can be used for creating notes while you are moving, which you can edit more thoroughly on your Windows 10 PC later.

With the Android application, you can make notes or checklists for pending tasks by entering text for these through the touchscreen keyboard of your Android device, handwriting with a digital pen, as well as by writing based on voice. You can make drawings in your notes with your finger or digital pen, as well as add photos to a note using the camera on your Android device.

  1. Office Lens: Synchronize “scans ” taken with your Android device to your Windows 10 PC

The Office Lens application, very well designed by Microsoft, is not specifically linked to Windows 10, but integrated with OneDrive. It is for the capture of documents, such as business cards and receipts, by means of the camera of your Android device. (Microsoft likes to say that it is scanning these elements, presumably because it is capturing text, but all it does is usually take a picture). You can also use the application to photograph pictures of drawings, handwriting or text written on whiteboards, panels or signs.

Office Lens automatically aligns, cleans and trims the captured image, and can convert it to editable text and graphics in OneNote, PowerPoint, Word format, or preserve its format as a PDF. The automatically captured image document is uploaded to your OneDrive folder (which you can, of course, later access on your Windows 10 PC).

Note: The OneDrive app for Android also comes with a tool that allows you to capture documents, but strangely, since both applications are made by Microsoft, it is not as good as Office Lens.

  1. Microsoft Solitaire Collection: Play the classic Windows card game with synchronization between your Windows 10 PC or on your Android device

Solitario, the classic Microsoft game, was relaunched for Windows 10 in the form of a Windows application that includes five games: Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, TriPeaks, and Pyramid. You can connect the application to the Xbox Live online gaming service, to acquire achievements, compete with other players, and share videos of your gaming sessions.

Microsoft released an Android version of Microsoft Solitaire Collection that has all these functions. You can even start a game in this application, stop the game and then restart it on your Windows 10 PC – your game progress data is saved and synchronized with the cloud via Xbox Live.

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